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Christmas Home Tour: Living Room

Yesterday morning we took the pups to the dog park with their best friends Layla and Kingston. I wore a sweatshirt and was ridiculously hot. Apparently our two days of Florida fall have come and gone because the high yesterday was in the 80's. It seems kind of silly to post a Christmas Home Tour while sitting here in a tank top with the windows open.

You know something I've never understood? "Let it Snow" signs here in Florida. I mean, yes, okay, so we have the occasional flurry but snow? No. It doesn't snow. Willing it to snow isn't going to make it happen so why must we continue with the Let it Snow signs? And do the people who live in snow plagued states actually want more snow? Why post signs saying "Let it Snow" when you're home has been converted into an igloo?

Needless to say, there are no "Let it Snow" references in our house. We do however have snowmen...so I may have gone on that rant for nothing.

Yesterday I shared with you our library. Off of our library is a hallway that leads to the office, the bedrooms and the bathrooms. The library opens up into our living area. We have an open concept where the living room, eating area and kitchen are all in the same space.

Here is the living room side of our living space. Naturally, this is where we spend most of our time watching Gilmore Girls and Shameless. Two shows that couldn't be more different than one another yet somehow managed to have 2 of the same actors in it.

Please ignore the massive trunk of dog toys, are babies are spoiled. Their trunk is usually housed in the nook where the tree is however we move it each Christmas for our tree. It's the perfect little cranny to tuck our tree and gifts.

As you can see our living room is a blend of Modern Farm House Style featuring a mixture of all things old a new.

This is one of my favorite trees we've done. It's a medley of chalkboard, burlap, buffalo plaid, galvanized metal, antlers and other rustic elements. I love it!

Did you notice how the tree matches Ricochet's little bed next to the fireplace? I'm pretty sure he appreciates that. He's that kind of cat.

The same buffalo plaid is also on the couch, which Ashley hates. But...you know, I did compromise with the Christmas Village. My part of the compromise was not carrying the buffalo plaid over to the kitchen table. I'll never understand her hatred of throw pillows and buffalo plaid. LOL

Yes... we have fireplaces in Florida. And to be honest, in the two years that we have lived here we haven't turned it on once. Partly because we couldn't find the switch for the first year. Our fireplaces doesn't operate on a light switch like my parents. We searched and searched to figure out how to ignite it. Our property manager couldn't even figure it out. It wasn't until a tennis ball crashed into the bottom grate, causing it to pop off, that we found the on button. At this point I'm terrified that the entire house will go up in flames so we'll just leave it off. Eternally.

That being said, when we build our house we'll definitely have a fireplace. Not because it gets freezing cold and I enjoy sitting by fires (I'm terrified of fires), but because I need one to decorate.

How cute are our little stockings? Obviously ours our the large ones. The small ones belong to our two dogs (Parker and Lady Belle), our cat (Ricochet) and our sweet kitty that passed away last year (Cricket). I couldn't bring myself to throw her stocking away so it's hanging with the rest of the family. Pet mom problems.

The rest of the room carries on the theme of burlap, woodland creatures and rustic touches.

And there you have it; room number two on our Christmas Home Tour. Later this week I'll share with you my kitchen and eating area.

Can you tell how much I love Christmas? What are your thoughts on buffalo plaid? Love it or leave it?

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