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Product Review: Personalized Cookie Rolling Pin

Good morning friends! I'm still floating on that Christmas high. We're slowly transitioning from Christmas to Winter decor. Although I'm not yet ready to part with our Christmas trees.

Growing up mom always kept the Christmas vibe going on into January. I just get so excited about redecorating that I tend to swap everything out the day after it happens. Shoot, I took down my Halloween decor as the last few trick-or-treaters were trickling in this year.

My mom, as always, did an incredible job with the shopping, decorating, cooking and baking. I swear she's Super Woman! Her house looked amazing (if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen it) and the food? It was seriously out of this world.

This year we decided to purchase all of our adult gifts from small shops and businesses. We wanted a more personal touch to our gifts this year so we commissioned quite a few projects for gifts this year.

Mom is an avid baker. Throughout the year she bakes thousands of cookies, brownies, breads and pies to keep our family nice and plump.

When I saw this personalized rolling pin, I knew it was the perfect present for the Mom of the Year.

The pin itself is beautifully made and came packed nestled safely in an easy-to-wrap box. The craftsmanship is topnotch. There was even a sugar cookie recipe tucked inside!

The pin reads "With Love From Libby" so she can add her signature to her delicious baked goods. Now...this may be my way of saying "Hey mom, I really love your cookies...perhaps you should bake some more"...but it's still a sweet gesture, right?

Mom absolutely loved her gift. I overheard her talking to my uncle about it on the phone.

This personalized rolling pin is well worth the $25! Please note that the pin is shipped from Poland so the shipping is a little slow. My package took almost 1 month to arrive.

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