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Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom Ideas

Hello, friends! I hate our bedroom. Like with a passion. Isn't your bedroom supposed to be your sanctuary? Your happy place? A place that puts your mind at ease and helps you feel tranquil?

That doesn't describe my bedroom.

At all.

I'll frequently share photos on Instagram of our living room, library and eating area but you will never see photos of our bedroom. Not unless it's an adorable dog photo and even then I make it so that you can't see the atrociousness of our bedroom. After I finish restyling my office, I plan on tackling the bedroom. This is where it gets a little tricky. We both LOVE the idea of having a white comforter, however, that will never happen. With 2 dogs and a cat, any white furniture or bedding is absolutely out of the question. It's fur central in our household (and I'm not just talking about my prickly legs).

This is me anytime I mention having a white comforter...

Our bed is sexy. It's a warm brown paneled bed with a charcoal gray padded headboard. We currently have a seafoam colored comforter for the bed and it's alright but we don't love it and a certain someone recently melted it in the dryer so it's finding it's way to the garbage can ASAP.

As I am planning out my bedroom, here are a few ideas that have caught my eye.

Firstly, we have a lot of wall space to fill. Our room is huge.

Photo Credit: Little Glass Jar

I like the idea of having a sign like this above our bed. Even with our tall, king size headboard, we have a lot of wall space to fill. I think something like this would look great over the bed. I just don't see us agreeing on a quote.

Get the Look:

Photo Credit: Houzz

We both love this idea and it would be so simple to personalize. I'm envisioning the 3 large photos being black and white portraits of our fur babies and the two smaller ones being quotes.

Get the Look:

Photo Credit: Shea Homes NoCal

Another idea is creating a feature all like this one. This is an idea we both like and it is easy to do in a rental home like ours.

Some other ideas for around the room:

Photo Credit: x

I brought a large window from at Rustapalooza that I think would look great on the dresser like this. It's not quite as large as this one so I may need to mount it on the wall, but I think I may have found a home for my window!

Get the Look:

Photo Credit: Liz Marie Blog

I love the way this side table is styled. The over sized lamp and the candle sticks- that's what I'm talking about! I also love the idea of hanging a magnolia wreath on the mirrored window. I may need to make another one soon :)

Get the Look:

Photo Credit: DIY Playbook

Currently, we have a hutch styled bookcase that is serving as an entertainment center in our bedroom. I scored it for free when a local law firm closed down. I've painted it twice and it has served as a bookcase, a coffee bar, and an entertainment center. I think it's safe to say we got our money's worth out of that darn thing.

I'm actually not a fan of it. Mostly because it has these weird angles to it. I'm considering ditching the hutch and keeping the base and doing something similar to this picture ledge above it. I'm considering about using photos from each of the counties we've visited on it. I think it would be a cool way to showcase our travels. I was originally planning on doing this is my office but we had to move two large bookcases out of the library and into my office so I lost a lot of wall space.

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