• Elle

Love Grows On Trees

Hello, friends! My assistant Ricochet (of Instagram fame!) and I whipped up another Valentine's Day project together. He's becoming quite the helper! I honestly think he was just looking for an excuse to be covered in glitter. I'm pretty sure he was a pop diva in his former life.

Awhile back I picked up some Valentine's Day "table scatter" at the Dollar Tree. I added some to the tray on our dining room table, but afterward, I was left with a butt ton of pink and red hearts.

Ricochet and I pondered about what we could do with it when he came up with a fabulous idea!

He saw that I was putting away some more of the winter decor and quickly rushed over to some decorative branches I was packing up. The boy is brilliant!

We pulled out the glue gun and began hot gluing some of the hearts to the decorative branches to transform this winter decor into a festive Love Tree for Valentine's Day.

When we were all finished gluing, we were still left with hearts! I'm telling you, they packed a lot of those bad boys in that tiny bag. We definitely got our $1 worth! I ended up using glue dots to add some hearts to a grapevine wreath in our bedroom. I used glue dots, rather than hot glue, so that I could remove them once Valentine's Day was over with.

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