• Elle

DIY Golden Trophy

Hello, friends! Things are about to get super classy here at Maps & Monograms! We're talking 24k gold kinda fancy! In the past, I've mentioned that we often host Grown-Up Game Night at our casa. At our last game night, I introduced a new element to our evening: trophies!

Ashley came up with the idea after playing around on Pinterest. The day of the party we headed over to grab a couple of trophies at the store. When we weren't able to find any, I decided to make them instead. My DIY trophies were so much more fun than a plain old cheap golden urn.

We hit up the toy section and found this dinosaur and this mini-Batman for only $1 each. We also found a set of 3 mini-clay pots for a buck.

Using a hot glue gun, we glued the toys onto a clay pot and a small bowl. (As you can see I didn't end up using the plastic up) ;)

When the glue dried, we used gold spray paint to coat the entire thing.

We waited about 2 hours for the spray paint to dry before we added the word "Champ" to both of the trophies.

It is amazing how something as simple as a T-Rex and a Batman Trophy can cause people to become more competitive.

These simple trophies were an excellent addition to our game nights but they would be even more cool for a kids birthday party! What a cheap and easy way to add a little more fun to your birthday activities!

I've already been asked what next month's trophies will look like! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more easy-DIY projects.

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