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Sandy Beaches Champagne Punch with just 4 Ingredients!

Tantalize your taste buds with this incredible, fruity champagne punch!

Hello, friends! My mother-in-law, Sandy, can make a hell of a drink. Like me, she enjoys a great glass of wine and a tall glass of champagne. She recently introduced Ashley to a champagne punch that Ashley couldn't wait to make for me. I swear, this might be the best champagne punch recipe I've ever had!

It couldn't be easier!

The recipe calls for a frozen daiquiri mix, a frozen lemonade, a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale and a bottle of champagne. We used a cheap bottle of extra-dry champagne to help cut the sweetness of the frozen mixers. Whatever you do, don't tell my mother-in-law we bought cheap champagne! ;)

This absolutely incredible punch is perfect for a crowd. The combination of strawberry and lemonade is completely irresistible and is sure to have your guests coming back for more!


1 can frozen daiquiri mix

1 can frozen lemonade

1 bottle champagne

2L bottle ginger ale


1. Begin by adding the frozen mixers to the bottom of a large pitcher.

2. Slowly pour in your bottle of champagne and the ginger ale.

3. Stir and serve cold!

It's seriously that easy! And it's so damn good! The punch tastes exactly like strawberry lemonade and you don't taste the champagne at all, which could be dangerous. This would be the perfect drink to sip on by the pool or on the beach. It would also be great for a spring or summer brunch.

Or...if you're a lush like us you can drink it year round :) Don't judge us for rocking a Christmas drink container a week before Spring arrives. Desperate times call for desperate measures my friends!

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1 can frozen daiquiri mix

1 can frozen lemonade

1 2-liter bottle of ginger ale

1 bottle of champagne.


1. Begin by adding the 2 frozen mixes in a large drink dispenser.

2. Slowly pour in the bottle of ginger ale and the bottle of champagne.

3. Stir and serve cold.

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