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Simple Nature Inspired Easter Bunny

Hello, friends! Don't you just love Spring? Minus all of the pollen, this is most definitely one of my favorite seasons! Recently I came down with a nasty stomach virus that had me stuck indoors for 3 days. I spent the first day and a half laying in bed binge watching Grey's Anatomy. By the end of day 2 I was able to leave the bed for short periods of time.

With nothing much to do, I spent a lot of time looking out the window at the bird feeder. We have several creatures that visit us regularly 3 cardinals, 2 blue jays, a red bellied woodpecker, 2 brown thrashers, and 2 squirrels. Oh yeah... did I mention that over the last few weeks I've become a bird watcher? Being home bound will do that to you!

All of that staring out of the window and peering into the woods helped to inspire my Easter decor. By day 3 I was well enough to begin crafting!


1 5x7 Burlap Canvas

1 bag of green moss


White pom pom

I began by sketching out the shape of a bunny onto my burlap canvas. It's pretty simple, even for someone who is as artistically challenged as me. Start by drawing a medium sized circle. Trace a smaller circle on top. Attach "ears" to the top circle.

Next, fill the circles in with glue and attach the moss to the adhesive.

Add a small bit of glue to a white pom pom and attach it to the bunny rabbit.

There you have it! A super cheap and ridiculously cute rustic Easter decoration! Isn't it precious?

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