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Kid-Approved Earth Day Art Project

Hello, friends! Do you celebrate Earth Day? Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids or students about the importance of recycling and how to take care of the Earth. As a teacher, this is one of my favorite topics to teach to my students because they can start making an impact on our planet right away!

Each year I do an art project to help celebrate Earth Day.

You'll need:

Washable Markers- blue and green

Coffee Filter

Spray bottle filled with water.

Have your child color the coffee filter with blue and green markers. Make sure they color all the way to the edges.

Notice on this coffee filter there are still some white spots. No biggie! The ink will bleed and any remaining white spots can represent the "clouds".

Once the coffee filter is mostly covered with blue and green marker, use a spray bottle to squirt water onto the coffee filter. Be careful not to over-saturate it!

Just spray it enough so that the marker bleeds. If you do not have a spray bottle, you could also use your hands to flick water droplets onto the coffee filter. That's actually the method used for this particular demonstration. ;)

Once the coffee filter is completely dried, glue it to a piece of black construction paper. Or even better, paint an old piece of newspaper black and and glue the "Earth" onto the paper once it's dry. Kids will love the fact that they are re-purposing the paper and therefore, helping the Earth!

Lastly, use a white crayon or a silver glitter pen (or good ole old-fashioned Elmer's glue and glitter) to represent the stars in the sky.

And there you have it! A view of our marvelous planet from outer-space!

This project is fun for kids of all ages! I'm positive your kids will enjoy it as much as mine do each year! Be sure to like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter so you don't miss all of the great kid-friendly projects featured here on Maps & Monograms. Also, make sure you check out the Kid's DIY section before you go. See you next time!

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