• Elle

5 Things You Need for an Outdoor Movie Night

Hello, friends! One of my favorite family traditions is gathering around the fire pit and watching a movie outside. There's nothing more fun than roasting marshmallows while watching a movie under the stars!

1. Equipment- First things first, you're going to need a projector, and a laptop to play the movie. If you don't have a projector, you could always drag your TV outside. Rather than using a screen, we simply project the movie on to a part of the house that doesn't have any windows.

2. Comfortable Seating- It may seem silly to mention this but you're going to need somewhere to plop your bottom. You could watch the movie picnic style on a blanket, set up a few chairs or break out the lounge chairs. One of my favorite things to do is actually watch a movie from inside of the pool! I had friends over one time to watch Finding Nemo while floating on a raft. Get creative!

3. Blankets- It's best to always have a few blankets handy in case someone gets a little chilly. It's amazing how much the temperature can drop once the sun goes down.

4. S'More Kits- Part of our family tradition is roasting S'mores during the movie. Personal S'more kits can help keep track of how many S'mores your little ones have gobble down!

5. Popcorn & Candy Bar- Of course, you can't watch a movie without popcorn and candy! Set up a super fun Popcorn & Candy Bar so people can custom make their own popcorn mixes.

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