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A Day in the Life of a Blogger

Hello,friends! I often get asked how I can work full-time and run a blog. I have to admit, it is definitely a juggling act! Not only do I have a full-time teaching job, but I also work our after school program. On top of that I have a relationship and social life to maintain. I've outlined my day from sun up to sun down so you can see how I am able to successfully operate Maps & Monograms while working.

6:15 AM The sound of the little dog and the cat wrestling wakes me up. This has become part of our morning routine. The sound of them running around the room with their tags clanking against each other has become our alarm clock. My actual alarm isn't set to go off until 6:40. I drag myself out of bed, let Lady Belle and Parker outside to go to the bathroom and feed the ferocious feline who has been meowing his booty off.

I start a pot of coffee, and sit down at my computer to begin my day. I dedicate my morning "office time" to Social Media. I take this time to respond to any tweets, comments or emails. I also use this time to follow and new followers on Twitter and Instagram.

6:40 AM My alarm finally goes off. At this point the girls have been potty and have been fed. I've had some coffee and it's time to log off the computer and get moving. I jump in the shower, moisturize my face, throw on some make up and brush my teeth. Looking at myself in the mirror, I realize I probably should have washed my hair but ain't nobody got time for that nonsense at this blessed hour.

I slip on a pair of pants and a shirt and glance at myself in the mirror. My shirt was stained during my last DIY project... I consider wearing it but decide not to be lazy. I opt for a plain black tee.

7:00 AM It's time to head to work! I crank on my the Pop 2K station and enjoy my long 10 minute drive to work. *N Sync comes on. I know it's going to be a great day!

7:10 AM As usual, I'm one of the first people at work. The parking lot is virtually empty. I strap my backpack on and head to my classroom. It's quiet. Eerily quiet. For now. I pull out my phone and respond to a few tweets that have come in before I head to my 7:30 meeting.

7:30 AM Yay...another meeting. Between Grade Level Meetings, Common Planning, Leadership Meetings, Committee Meetings, IEPS, Parent Teacher Conferences and Faculty Meetings, I pretty much have something going on every day.

8:25 AM The meeting is finally adjourned when the bell rings. My co-teacher and I welcome the kids and begin with our morning rituals. Did I mention my co-teacher is my best friend? That's right! I get paid to hang out with my best friend all day... well... and teach 37 kids.

8:45 AM My co-teacher and I drop off the kids at their resource class. I love having resource first thing in the morning because it gives me a chance to get everything ready for the day. I fill cups full of marshmallows and bins full of toothpicks for today's math activity.

We spend a few minutes updating each other on emails that we received over night or this morning from parents or administration. We talk about our meetings and go over our schedule for the day.

I don't publish posts on Wednesday so I don't have much to do on the blogging front. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I use this time to read over my post one more time before I hit publish. If I have time, pop over to Pinterest. My feed is full of educational ideas, recipes, decor and DIY projects! I pin a few ideas for school or home and then it's off to get the kids.

9:30 AM -11:40 AM- We are finally to the teaching part of our day! During this time I lead small math group and reading groups, teach a whole group math lesson and do remediation. Today we are discussing the attributes of 3D Shapes and composing shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows.

11:45 - 12:15- After my co-teacher and I walk our kids through the line we have about 20 minutes to enjoy our lunch. We eat in our classroom so that we are able to get some work done during our break. I use this time to respond to any new Tweets, and comments on Facebook and Instagram. It's amazing how quickly these pour in.

12:15-3:00- It's my co-teacher's turn to lead the lessons... that doesn't mean I'm off the hook though. I spend this time working with small groups and helping any students who may need extra assistance. We also squeeze in recess :)

3:00 - 6:00- In the afternoons, I teach a computer class. Once the kids get settled and started on their lessons, I'm able to hop over to the blog. I look over my blog post one more time, add any additional information, edit a few pictures and schedule it to be posted.

6:00 - 8:30- Tonight is family night! Most Wednesday's my family and I meet up at the nearby Mexican restaurant for dinner and trivia. You know how on Cheers they walk in and they know everyone? That's how this place is for us. Even my 3 year old niece struts around like she owns the place. This is our chance to unwind, flex our brains and enjoy each other company (and margaritas...).

9:00 - 9:15- I'm home from trivia. it's time to get ready for bed. I make a couple of analytical notes for my blog, respond to any recent messages and head to bed to do it all over again.

There you have it! A typical day in the life of a blogger. Of course, there's so much more that goes on behind the scenes, from post writing, editing, pitching to brands, responding to emails, running social media sites, networking, and so on.

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