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Alaskan Summer Packing List

Hey, ya'll! Yesterday, we flew into Seattle to kick off our grand summer vacation! We'll be hanging out here for a couple of days before we set sail on our Alaskan cruise. While planning my trip out west, I scoured the Internet searching for the perfect packing list for a summer in Alaska. Most of the people overpacked, in my opinion. My goal was to pack as little as possible and be able to fit it all in a medium 24.2 X 16 X 9 inches suitcase. Sound impossible? It's not!

My plan was to stick to the same color scheme. I decided to stick with blues and teals. My outfits would have to be flexible. They'd have to be perfect for the Mendenhall Glacier, whale watching, hiking, and dinner on the ship. The key to achieving this? Layers.

Packing List:

4 pairs of pants- jeans, khakis, blue dress pants, yoga pants (not pictured since I wore them on the flight)

1 sweater

1 hoodie (not pictured since I wore it on the flight)

2 collared shirts

2 long sleeve shirts

2 cardigans

2 vests

2 black dresses

2 tank tops

1 sleeveless shirt

3 scarves

1 hat

1 pair of PJ's (pictured below)



2 bras (1 sport, 1 regular)

Yes.... that's it!

Next, I packed it all away into my Kaliste packing cubes. Can you believe all of that fit into these 5 cubes/pouches? I love use packing cubes because they help keep my suitcase neat and organized. I have all of my pants packed together, my vests together, shirts and dresses together, etc. They are perfect!

The cubes nest nicely in my suitcase. For this trip, I'll be using a medium sized Lucas Luggage Ultra Light Weight suicase. Ashley will be using the large 100 liter suitcase whereas mine is 69 liters. It's super light, weighing in at only 6.6 pounds so it'll be perfect for the flight to Seattle.

I also added 2 ponchos, a jacket, 3 pairs of shoes. I'll also be packing a pair of tennis shoes (not pictured).

I am packing some items that most people would deem unnecessary. I'm taking my hammock, binoculars and a pouch with a couple of games into my suitcase. The games will keep us entertained at the hotel and during sea days. The hammock? Well... come on... who wouldn't want to put this bad boy up and enjoy the Alaskan scenery?

And that, my friends is all! All of the month of July will be dedicated to my trip to Alaska. Be sure to come back and see how this packing list worked out for me. Don't forget to like me on Facebook to check out all of the great pictures. See you next time!


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