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Welcome to Alaska Month!

Hey y'all! Welcome to Alaska Month here at Maps & Monograms! Many of you may not know the story behind M&M. The name Maps & Monograms represents two of my favorite things; travel and Southern style. Did you know I used to be a bucket list travel blogger? I used to document all of my adventures and share stories about checking off items from my bucket list. Eventually, I settled down, got domesticated, found a grown-up job, and launched M&M. Despite settling down, I still find time for adventures.

Did you know Alaska is one of the Top 10 Bucket List Destinations? Each year nearly 2 million people flock to the Last Frontier in search of adventure, whales, bears, bald eagles, and, of course, fishing. Last month, we visited Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan and had an absolutely incredible time! We also visited Seattle, The Yukon and British Columbia. This month, I'll be sharing with you my photos, adventures and stories from these remarkable places.

Why Alaska?

My 5th grade teacher, Ms. P, used to visit Alaska every summer. I still remember the stories that she told our class about her visits to the Last Frontier. Ever since then, I have wanted to check out what all of the fuss was about.

Why Now?

My mom, dad, and I have all always wanted to visit Alaska. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer last year, we wanted to do something to lift her spirits. On the night of my mom's birthday we gathered around a laptop and booked our dream vacation!

Join me this month as I share with you all of the incredible things I saw and did while in Alaska!

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