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Endicott Arm & the Dawes Glacier

Hey, y'all! Welcome to Alaska Month on Maps & Monograms! After spending a couple of days in Seattle, Washington, we sailed northwards to Alaska. We were scheduled to sail through Tracy Arm Fjord but due to the high density of ice, we ended up going through Endicott Arm instead. I have to tell you, I was not at all disappointed by the change in our itinerary!

Endicott Arm & the Dawes Glacier were awe inspiring. The combination of the gorgeous azure water, stunning jagged rocks, the Alaskan sub-alpine vegetation, countless of waterfalls, the vibrant blue ice drifting by and, of course, the wild life, was more than I ever dreamed of!

Endicott Arm was breathtaking!

We spotted our second humpback while entering the fjord. The opening was full of humpbacks feeding! Our friends were staying in a cabin at the stern (very back of the boat) that featuring an enormous wrap around cabin. We were able to see countless whales playing in the ships wake as we made our way closer to the glacier!

The closer and closer we got to Dawes Glacier, the more vibrant blue the water became. We passed countless icebergs like this one. Aren't they gorgeous?

Dozens of waterfalls flanked both sides of the passage cascading from high up in the mountains and splashing into the crystal clear blue water. Aren't they incredible?

Of course, we can't talk about Alaska without mentioning the wild life. Aside from the whales we saw these sweet little babies...

Seals lined the icebergs as far as the eye could see as we approached the glacier.

Aren't they precious? Of course, the highlight of the fjord (as if the whales, seals, bald eagles and waterfalls weren't enough!!) was seeing the Dawes Glacier.

Isn't it incredible? Although I was initially disappointed we weren't able to go in to Tracy Arm Fjord, Endicott Arm Fjord exceeded every one of my expectations. It was a fantastic introduction to Alaska!

The sun began setting as we pulled out of the fjord and began our journey to Skagway. Be sure to subscribe to my blog or like me on Facebook so you don't miss the rest of my Alaskan/Canadian adventure. See you soon!

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