• Elle

Highlights from My Alaskan Cruise

Hey y'all! I've had several friends ask me what the best part of Alaskan cruise was. That's just as impossible as coming up with my favorite Hanson song! The whole cruise was absolutely remarkable! We spent time checking out all of the sights in Seattle, explored Skagway, British Columbia & The Yukon, saw the Mendenhall and Dawes Glaciers, hiked countless trails and took in all of the sights of the Last Frontier. How can I select just one of those as a highlight? To put it simply, I can't. Here are some of my favorite things about my trip:

The Wild Life

How can you not appreciate the wildlife of Alaska? It's so funny because everyone on the ship was hoping that they would see a whale on the cruise. I didn't book a whale watching excursion and I can't even begin to tell you how many whales we saw on this trip! We saw humpbacks galore and even got to see some orcas frolicking in the water. Seaworld ain't got nothin' on Alaska y'all!

The Lakes & Snow-Capped Mountains

As a Florida girl, it was nice to see something other than palm trees, sand, brackish water and flat terrain. I loved all of the gorgeous green lakes, evergreens and snow-capped mountains. There were mountains galore! We even got to play in snow... in the summer! And yes, I fought back the urge to sing songs from Disney's "Frozen".

The Glaciers

Seeing the glaciers was pretty rad too! We visited both the Mendenhall Glacier and the Dawes Glacier on this trip. We were amazed by how blue the glaciers were and how gorgeous the surrounding water was. It was pretty neat sailing by little icebergs on our way through the Endicott Arm. I may have even reenacted scenes from "Titanic". Don't judge me.

Yes, Even Canada, eh

Believe it or not, we actually spent about as much time in Canada as we did in Alaska! We spent several hours driving through British Columbia and Yukon Territory. We also made a pit-stop in Victoria, British Columbia. This part of Canada was just as gorgeous Alaska! I'm so glad we made the drive from Skagway to Carcross!

I have a feeling we'll definitely be back to The Last Frontier. Now that we've been formally introduced, we'd love to drive around and check out more of what Alaska has to offer. Going to Alaska was a dream come true, I can definitely see why people consider this a trip of a lifetime.

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