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Monogrammed Duck Boots

**Please note that this is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions about this awesome product are entirely my own. Pinkie swear!**

Hey, y'all! I recently shared with you The Ultimate Packing List for a Summer in Alaska. I got several emails and DM's about the boots that I packed so I thought I'd tell you a little about them. I fell in love with the boots the minute that I saw them on Everly Grayce's Monogramming Boutique on Etsy. After doing a little digging, I found that Everly Grayce has an entire website full of incredibly adorable Bachelorette Party shirts and the most perfect Bridesmaid Gifts. I instantly fell in love with the shop's shirts, vests, bags, and of course, boots.

When I first opened the boots, it was love at first sight. Probably for both the boots and myself ;) The boots are lined in a combination of browns, black, olive and navy blue plaid making them the perfect colors for fall...or in my case, a Florida winter and an Alaskan summer. The boots are extremely well made, but more importantly, they are ridiculously comfortable.

The monogram itself is stitched into the leather rather than being just a vinyl transfer like I've seen elsewhere. The style and color can be customized to fit your taste.

I wore these boots everywhere during my trip!

I wore them hiking...


...and sight seeing!

It's crazy how many people complimented me on the boots as well. Not just women either, big burly men noticed them and told me how awesome they thought they were! Without fail, every day that I wore my monogrammed duck boots, someone remarked at how much they liked them.

I cannot recommend Everly Grayce enough! The workmanship is outstanding and the customer service is top notch. I have a feeling my friends and family are going to be getting a lot of monogrammed gifts from me in the near future! I found something for everyone on Everly Grayce's Etsy Shop! Be sure to check out Everly Grayce's Facebook Page for more information.

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