• Elle

Free Back to School Printables

Hey, y'all! Can you believe it's almost back to school season again? It feels like only yesterday I was moving to my new classroom and preparing for my trip to Alaska. Pre-planning isn't for another 2 weeks for our county but my co-teacher and I have already been busy at work in our classroom. It's nearly finished and ready for 36 third graders to come waltzing through the door.

Our class is pretty unique. My co-teacher had about 15 of our students in her Kindergarten class. The next year she moved with them to first grade. The following year, I joined them with a group of about 21 more students for second grade. This year we'll be reunited again for third grade! Since a few of our students have moved away, they were replaced with students that I had in Kindergarten a couple of years ago and a couple of newbies. I love the fact that I already have a great relationship with my class and school hasn't even started yet!

Our school is closed to teachers this week so while I have a little free time I whipped up some of these fun back to school printables! Click on the image of the printable you would like to download, print and enjoy!

I'm off to start working on lesson plans! See you all soon!

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