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You Are My Sunshine Footprint Painting

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Hey, y'all! I get to spend a lot of time with my middle niece, Monster, during the summers while her parents both work and I enjoy the summer off. Monster is 3 1/2 years old and like most kids these days, she'd rather just sit around watching bizarre YouTube videos or Netflix.

While she's with me, I try to limit her screen time by keeping her busy. Luckily, the girl loves working with her hands and making things. She enjoys cooking, baking, coloring, painting, playing with stickers and creating masterpieces out of sidewalk chalk.

I wanted to leave her with something a little more permanent than a chalk portrait as our summer came to a close. So, we headed to the craft store to pick up some supplies; a canvas, yellow paint and some scrapbooking letters.

When I told Monster to take off her sandals and give me her foot she immediately began giggling uncontrollably. She thought it was hilarious that we were going to be painting her foot! Using a foam paint brush, I covered her little footsie in yellow paint and guided it on to the canvas. I placed her footprint in an arc pattern, reapplying the yellow paint whenever necessary. Isn't the arch of her foot the cutest stinking thing? This girl is a tip-toe walker through and through!

Next, I connected the footprints with an arc and had Monster fill in the white space with the paint. I swear the girl was in heaven!

Once the paint was completely dried, I used scrapbooking letters to spell out, "You Are My Sunshine" on the canvas.

Monster loved working on this project! She had so much fun painting and working on a "big girl painting". She was so excited about being able to hang the painting up in her room.

This project gave her something to take away from our summer together. I mean... sidewalk chalk art isn't exactly tangible. I like it because even though she did a lot of the work, it doesn't exactly look like the artwork of a 3 1/2 year old.

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