• Elle

Sponsored Post: Home Chef

Hey, y'all! This month has been absolutely insane for my family. I've had 3 surgeries (I'm fine), I went back to work after having the summer off and I celebrated my birthday (would you believe me if I said I just turned 21 again?). With all that is going on, I'm beyond exhausted and feel like I have zero time to meal plan, go grocery shopping, and make dinner.

Enter Home Chef.

Home Chef has been a saving grace this month! Home Chef is a home delivery program that delivers fresh, delicious meals right to your doorstep! The recipes are easy to follow and each takes around 30 minutes to prepare.

Signing up couldn't be any easier! You simply log into their website, choose between 13 easy-to-follow recipes, select your delivery day, and presto! Dinner is all set for that night!

One of my favorite things about Home Chef was that I was able to select recipes that fit our dietary needs and tastes. I went with the gluten-free option but you can also select low carb options and calorie conscious recipes.

Some menu options include Steak & Blue Cheese Salad, Coq au Vin, Chicken Dijonnaise, and Argentine Grilled Pork Albondigas.

I know what you're thinking...there's no way that I can cook those things! I promise you, you're wrong! You can! The Home Chef ingredients are so simple to follow that even a novice cook can whip up a restaurant quality dinner. Yes, even you!

Home Chef delivered fun, fresh ingredients right to our door step! I selected Pork Chops with Sage & Honey Butter and Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps. The box was well packaged and contained enough ice packs that they ingredients didn't go bad sitting outside in the 95+ Florida heat.

All of the ingredients were neatly packaged and well labeled so you knew exactly what everything was. I was extremely impressed by how fresh everything was!

Each meal came with a recipe card which I strongly recommend reading before you begin preparing your meal. Pay particular attention to the "While You Cook" and "From the Chef" sections as it will give you tips and tricks and a heads up of what you can expect for each recipe. The card also indicates how many calories the dish contains, your prep & cook time information and tells you how many days you should cook it within to ensure freshness.

The recipes are pretty easy to follow. The card has a pictorial so you can see visualize what you are doing with each and every step!

Both of our meals, the Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps and the Pork Chops with Sage & Honey Butter were absolutely delicious! I was extremely impressed with how tender the pork was! I have a tendency of producing dry pork and this dish was some of the juiciest pork I've ever had!

Home Chef was the perfect solution to our insane schedule this month. It was a nice way to have a date night in! We poured a couple (4, 5, 6?) glasses of wine and cooked the meals together. It was a fun way to spend time together and it gave us a chance to taste some new, delicious recipes.

I would definitely recommend Home Chef for anyone who has a busy schedule or is looking to try new things. The recipes are user friendly and can make anyone feel like a chef! Be sure to head over to Home Chef for more information.