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Birthday Cake Dip

Give your taste buds a blast from the past with this fun play on the classic Dunkaroo Dip! The 90's are calling, are you going to answer?

Hey, y'all! One of my ultimate favorite treats growing up was Dunkaroo's. I remember sitting at the lunch table crossing my fingers that my mom packed me that small blue container loaded with graham crackers and frosting. Seriously, Dunkaroo's and Handi-snacks used to be my jam! Throw in a Lunchable and my mom was my hero.

I decided to try to re-create this dip under the guise that it was for my nieces (wink, wink). In reality, the dip was totally for my Ashley, Mel, and myself. Now before you get started, let me just tell you that this makes a TON. A little bit of this dip goes a long way, and by a long way I mean you could have easily shared this dip with everyone at your lunch table, even the weird kid who would sit on the end and repeatedly stab his milk with a plastic straw.

This dip is perfect for parties and will serve about 24 people.


1 box Funfetti cake mix

8 oz Fat Free Cool Whip, thawed

1 1/2 cups Vanilla Greek Yogurt


1. Combine Cool Whip and yogurt together in a medium size bowl.

2. Stir in cake mix until well combined.

3. Allow the flashback dip to cool in your fridge for 30 minutes before serving.

4. Serve with Teddy Grahams, Graham Crackers, Animal Crackers or a fun cookie of your choice!

How fun is this dip? It is perfect for kids birthday parties or family gatherings. I made a batch for my students and they tore this stuff up.

I think it is safe to say that this is

Kid Tested and 90's Approved!

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