• Elle

Book Lovers Pumpkin

Hey, y'all! My inner pumpkin lover is showing, can you tell? After sharing my Cork Pumpkin and my Favorite Fall Farmhouse Finds on Amazon for Less than $25, I'm sure that by now you can tell that I am a pumpkin fanatic. Fall is my ultimate favorite holiday... probably because we don't really get to experience it here in hot and muggy Florida.

Typically when I decorate, I stick to just sprucing up our library, living room and kitchen with festive farmhouse finds with a few DIY projects sprinkled in for good measure. This year, I decided to play around with old book pages to come up with a fun pumpkin perfect for book lovers.

Tada! Here it is! I simply took a Dollar Store pumpkin and slathered it with Modge Podge. I then took book pages, that were cut into 1" wide strips, and completely covered the pumpkin. I think the end result is pretty cute. It's definitely perfect for our library!

For a step by step how-to, check out the following video:

And because I'm completely shameless, here's a blooper reel for you!