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Caramel Apple Moscow Mule

This Caramel Apple Moscow Mule is the perfect drink to sip on this fall. It is a delicious combination of caramel vodka, apple cider and fizzy ginger beer.

Hey, y'all! I have become obsessed with Moscow Mules this year. They are the perfect cocktail to simply sit around and sip on. I love how the fizziness of the ginger beer tickles your nose as you drink it.

Yes.... I am a nerd.

My love of Moscow Mules began when we toured a local distillery. After sipping on my first mule, I became addicted. I started playing with different seasonal recipes and flavor combinations. I have to admit, so far, this one is my favorite, by far!

When I originally made this recipe, I used regular vodka, and the mule tasted delicious. However, I spotted a bottle of caramel vodka at my mom's house and decided to try making this drink with that and Oh-My-Mule it was amazing! It took the drink to a whole different level. The caramel flavor hits the back side of your tongue and just gives a little extra punch of fall to the drink.

As far as the ginger beer goes, you can use as much or as little as you would like. This is the ingredient you can play with to customize the drink to your taste buds. Some people prefer just a splash of ginger beer whereas others like to load the glass down with it. It's up to you.

Ingredients (serves 2): 4 oz caramel vodka (regular vodka works too)

6 oz apple cider Ginger Beer Apple slices and/or cinnamon sticks for garnish

Instructions: 1. Fill copper mugs with ice. Pour in vodka and apple cider. 2. Top with ginger beer. 3. Stir with a cinnamon stick and garnish with cinnamon stick or apple slices (mine is garnished with a caramel covered apple).

If you're feeling adventurous and would like to try another drink perfect for this season, I strongly recommend my Spiked Rootbeer Float! Be sure to give me a like on Facebook or follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more delicious drink recipes. Cheers & see you next time!

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