• Elle

Christmas Trees for Wine Lovers

These adorable little Christmas trees are perfect for wine lovers.

Hey, y'all! If you frequent the blog or stalk me on Instagram and Facebook you may know that I love me a tall glass of wine. This fall I shared a Wine Lovers Pumpkin made from wine corks. Not surprisingly, I still had plenty of corks to play with this holiday season so I started tinkering around with other craft ideas and came up with these adorable, rustic, trees made from corks and bits of Christmas tree.

This project couldn't be any easier! I simply grabbed a couple of corks and cut them in half width wise. Next, I snipped a little baby branch off of the Christmas tree. I used the point of the scissors to dig an itty bitty hole at the top of the cork to stuff the branch into and viola! An instant Christmas tree perfect for wine lovers.

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