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5 Steps for Creating the Perfect Cheese Board

**This post was sponsored by ALDI. All thoughts and opinions are my own**

'Tis the season for Ugly Sweater Parties, White Elephant Exchanges and work Christmas parties! I love all of the pomp and circumstance that comes along with holiday parties! I love seeing all of the different appetizers and finger foods that my friends come up with. I have to tell you though, there is nothing more sad than a cheese and cracker platter. My heart breaks when I see a block of boring cheddar cheese and a sleeve of plain crackers.

Doesn't this cheese board look so much more appetizing? Cheese boards are composed of a combination of cheese, fruits, meats, crackers and sometimes vegetables. They are a great way to bring in the colors and flavors of the season.

To create this look, I headed to my local ALDI to pick up some goodies. First off, if you haven't been to ALDI recently you are truly missing out. I absolutely love their selection of produce, meat, cheese and wine. They also have some pretty incredible gluten-free options, which earns them a few bonus points in book! Not only that, but 46 of their products have received the American Masters of Taste Gold Medal Endorsement from Chefs in America. Curious about checking ALDI out for yourself? Find out where your nearest store is!

While at ALDI I picked up an assortment of crackers, grapes, fresh cranberries, and blackberries. I also grabbed Happy Farms Brie, a Specially Selected Cranberry and Cinnamon Goat Cheese Log, and a Happy Farms Cranberry White Cheddar Cheese (yum!). Of course, us carnivores have to have some meat on our cheese boards so I went with Appleton Farm's Bite Size Salami and Prosciutto, which the Proscuiutto won the Chefs in America American Masters of Taste Gold Medal Endorsement.

If you're not sure where to start, check out this infographic and follow the steps below for a guide to creating the perfect cheeseboard!

Step One- Wine: I like to start with what kind of wine I'll be serving. When I host a party, I like to have a variety of reds and whites for people to try. You can never go wrong with a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling!

Step Two- Cheese: Each wine has a cheese counterpart that compliments it perfectly. If you are taking a cheeseboard to a party, or are serving different kinds of wines, I suggest picking a red and white from the list and mixing and matching the cheeses. For this particular cheeseboard, I went with a mixture of wines that pair well with Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

Step Three- Assorted Goodies (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.): Apples, berries and grapes are a must for any cheeseboard. If you haven't tried a slice of apple with cheese and washed it down with some wine, you are truly missing out. It's also nice to include dry fruits, nuts, and maybe even a few veggies for people to nibble on.

Step Four- Crackers: Having an assortment of crackers available is key. I picked up a box of assorted crackers from ALDI that were absolutely perfect for a cheese board! Try finding crackers with different shapes, sizes and textures to make your board more interesting.

Step Five- Assembly: Once you've gathered all of your elements, it's time to start arranging your edible work of art. Personally, I like to begin with placing my larger items first- in the case it was the bunches of grapes. Next, lay out your cheeses. Make sure they are spread out so that they are easy to access from anywhere around the board. Begin filling in any spaces with crackers, meats, smaller fruits, nuts and vegetables. Don't forget to place a couple of cheese spreaders near the board!

In just minutes you'll have an absolutely gorgeous cheese board that will make an incredible center piece. Be sure to save this pin- you'll most definitely want to make a show stopper likes this for your next event!

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