• Elle

My Family's Holiday Traditions

Merry Christmas y'all! I hope that you have a wonderful day celebrating everyone's favorite holiday with those that you love the most. Christmas has always been a huge deal in our family- like we go all out. Not necessarily on a Griswold level, but pretty freaking close.

Our family has some wonderful traditions that I thought I would share with you- and I hope that you'll share yours with me at the end of the post.

Christmas Eve - On Christmas Eve everyone in the family gets to open one present.

- Just before bedtime the oldest member of the family always reads "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". I remember my great-grandmother reading this to us for years and years before she passed.

- Once the story ends, we lay out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa and head to our bedrooms. If my aunt and uncle are visiting, we always leave out a glass of bourbon for Santa... it keeps him warm, after all.

Christmas Morning - On Christmas morning, we always woke up my parents and then had to get dressed and make our beds before we could go into the living room. This gave them a chance to wake up, make coffee and get mentally prepared for the chaos that is Christmas morning.

- Once we are all together, we open our Christmas stocking. Inside, there is always an orange, socks, a new toothbrush, candy and a slip of paper that tells us which wrapping paper is ours- each member of our family has a special wrapping paper just for them so we can spot them easier under the tree. After stockings, it's time for round one of gifts!

- When we were younger, my brother always "wrapped" his gifts in bed sheets or a pillow case. As a nod to this, each year I wrap one of his gifts in a unique way. His gift may be secured with zip-ties, wrapped in a tampon box, etc. This year, I wrapped the whole present in duct tape (see above).

- We take a break to enjoy breakfast. Breakfast is always homemade waffles (using my great-grandmother's recipe), homemade eggnog (using my great-great-grandmother's recipe), bacon, eggs, a coffee cake and Christmas cookies.

What are some of your Christmas traditions? Drop a note in the comment section below and share your holiday traditions!

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases!