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12 Things You Should Do Before a Cruise

Are you heading out on a cruise soon? Make sure you do these 12 things before you sail off to paradise!

Hey, y'all! Welcome to the latest installment of Travel Tuesday! We're a week an a half out from my next trip- a cruise to the Western Caribbean. I'm so excited to be making my 5th trip to Belize and Honduras and my 7th trip to Mexico!

One of my favorite things about cruising is the fact that you don't have to do a lot of planning to make the trip successful. With other overseas trips, you have to arrange for transportation from point a to point b, you have to book hotels, figure out where to eat, what to do, etc, etc. With cruises, however, all of that is planned out for you and wrapped up in a nice little package.

It's truly a stressfree way to travel!

That being said, there are a few things you need to make sure you take care of before you depart.

1. Dig out your passport, passport card or birth certificate. You'll need these in order to board the ship. Passport holders are also super handy to have. I love this family passport holder. It is the perfect way to store everyone's passports, identification cards and credit cards all in one place. Trust me, organization is the key when checking in!

2. Fill out the necessary documents. If you haven't already, create an online account on your cruise line's website. Once you've added your booking, you'll be provided with a checklist of documents that you'll need to fill out in advance. These forms may include customs forms, health questionnaires, etc. Filling these out in advance will help your check-in process run much more smoothly!

3. Print your boarding passes and luggage tags. Again, this is done at your cruise line's website. These luggage tags are excellent to have on hand!

4. While you're on the website, set up your expense account.

5. Book excursions. Many excursions fill up quickly, especially if you're traveling during peak season. Make sure you don't miss out on your first choice by booking early!

6. Purchase any additional packages. This includes drink packages, spa packages, Faster to Fun Passes, etc.

7. Create a packing list. I have found by jotting everything down on paper, it helps me out tremendously! It reminds me anything that I may still need to purchase or dig out from the depths of the closet. Trust me, you don't want to wind up on a cruise ship without your bathing suit, sunscreen or even dress shoes!

8. Check all of your electronics batteries. Gather all of your chargers so you don't leave any behind!

9. Make two photocopies of your passport, identification cards, and credit cards. Keep one in your luggage and leave one behind with a trusted friend.

10. Always, always, always call your bank before traveling abroad. Let them know what countries you'll be visiting and when you'll get back. TRUST ME! You don't want to have your account frozen while you're away.

11. Speaking of money, go ahead and hit the ATM and pull out some cash money for your trip! You'll need cash on hand for tipping shuttle drivers, porters, tour guides, etc.

12. If you're flying, be sure to weigh your baggage! The cruise line won't care how heavy it is but your airline sure will!

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Updated: 3/2/19

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