• Elle

Spring Tic Tac Toe

Turn snack time to into fun time with this adorable edible tic tac toe game!

Hey, y'all! Happy Saturday! Today I have a yummy foodivity perfect for you your little one! Foodivity, is that a word? If not, I'm going to go ahead and coin it right here and now. Food + activity= foodivity A foodivity to an edible activity. Makes sense, right?

Whew, now that that's been accomplished, I haven't to admit, I've not one to frown upon playing with food. After all, are we doing the same thing as adults when we're experimenting in the kitchen? I think foodivities are a great way to get kids to start exploring with food.

For this food activity (I'm already tired of using foodivity...), I use icing to pipe a tic tac toe board onto a graham cracker. Rather than using X's and O's I used two different colored chocolate eggs.

This is such a simple, quick and easy fun activity for your child to enjoy for snack. What fun foodivities do you do with your child? Drop your ideas in the comments below!

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