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14 Tips & Tricks for an Escape Room

Use these 14 tips and tricks to help you and your group escape from an Escape Room before the clock runs out!

Hey, y’all! Escape Rooms are sweeping the nation by storm and if you haven’t visited one, I have to say you’re totally missing out! My friends and I love getting together to solve riddles, put together clues, and break codes in order to break out of the room and conquer the game before the timer strikes zero.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you be successful in the ultimate mind game.

1. Play with Friends, Family, or Coworkers- Whenever possible, book the entire room. If not, you could be playing the game with strangers who you might not exactly see eye-to-eye with. The first time I did an escape room we were paired together with a family of 4. Although we worked well together, this may not always be the case. Play the game with friends, family, or coworkers that you know you can stand being trapped inside a small room with for an hour.

2. Take a Look Around the Waiting Room- Chances are, you’ll need to hang out in the waiting room before going into your Escape Room. Many establishments will have different locks and various puzzles for you to practice before you go inside. Be sure to take advantage of this! You may not be familiar with all of the different types of locks you’ll encounter. This is an excellent time to practice.

3. Communication is the Key- If you have been working at a particular puzzle for a long time and you’re not getting anywhere- let someone else take over! They may approach it from a different perspective and be able to knock the challenge out in no time. If multiple people are not able to figure it out, that’s typically a sign that you don’t have all of the information that you need.

4. Don’t Let One Person Run the Show- In these situations, it’s typical to have someone take on the role of a leader, but don’t let just one person run the show. Make sure you are listening to what everyone has to say, remember that we all see things differently and this room isn’t meant to be solved by just one person! Of course, having too many “chiefs” and not enough “Indians” could also be disastrous. Know when to sit back and listen.

5. Watch the Clock- This is a timed activity. The goal of an Escape Room is to get out before the timer goes off. Be sure to keep an eye on the clock.

6. Obvious Clues are There Intentionally- You have to start somewhere, right? Start with the obvious clues- ones that are intentionally laid out in the open or pointed out by your host. These are typically the stepping stones you need to get started in the right direction.

7. Search the Room Thoroughly- Scour the entire room. Check behind ledges, on top of bookshelves, underneath furniture, behind picture frames, inside drawers, inside false vents, canisters, etc. If it can be opened, open it!

Pay close attention to any art work, posters, post cards, photographs or maps that may be in the room.

Turn off the lights to see if there are hidden clues on the walls, ceiling or furniture around you. You may need to locate a blacklight in order to view these clues.

Chances are, you’ll be able to unlock a hidden room. Be sure to search this room just as thoroughly. You’ll find many items in the new room that correlate with the old room.

8. Don’t Keep Things to Yourself- If you find something, let others know. It may just be what they need to solve their portion of the puzzle!

9. Create a Command Center- Once you discover a clue, make sure you keep your items organized. It’s really easy to lose something in these rooms! Find a flat surface to store all like items together. Use this space a command center.

10. Keep Used Keys in Their Lock- There will probably be several locks inside the room. These locks may be opened with number combinations, letter combinations, or keys. Once a lock is unlocked, keep it that way. If a lock has a key, keep the key in the lock so that it doesn’t go missing.

11. Create a Holding Place for Used Items- The room will often have a container or some sort in it. I like to use this as a discard pile for all used items such as locks, postcards, pictures, etc. This will help keep used items out of the way so your command center remains neat and organized.

12. Ask for Hints- If your stuck, ask for hints! This may be done via QR Codes, Tablets, or even by simply asking your host for help (someone is watching and listening at all times by the way….). Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to make it out of the room without this assistance!

13. Listen to Your Hosts- Each room will have a host, that’s the lady or gent that’s watching and listening to everything you do. Kind of creepy, eh? Your host will lead you to your room, give you instructions and give you the hints, if asked. Be sure you listen to each and every little thing that comes out of their mouth. They may be dropping hints from the second that you meet them!

14. Know What To Leave Alone- Ceiling tiles and electrical outlets are always off limits- unless told otherwise by your host. Your host will also tell you what other things are “no no’s” while in the room. This includes climbing on furniture and doing anything that may be harmful to you and your team. Do yourself a favor and listen to them, don’t waste your time fidgeting with these items.

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