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Ridicuously Fun Walking Tacos

Step up your party game with this super fun food idea! Walking Tacos are the perfect dish for your guests to munch on while they socialize. They are also great for tailgates and camping!

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Hey, y'all! A taco, a blonde and a priest walk into a bar. Okay... so that's all I have for my joke so far, but it's a work in progress. Recently, my family hosted a movie night at my parent's house. My brothers, my parents and I all invited some of our friends over to gather around and watch some of the Oscar-nominated movies under the light of the stars. Everyone brought a dish to munch on while we watched the movies around the fire pit.

Last year, I made Oscar Inspired Cupcakes with adorable little bowties on them and provided a DIY Popcorn & Candy Bar where people could add all kinds of toppings to their popcorn bag. This time, I wanted to do something similar to the popcorn bar yet totally different. I came up with the idea of a Walking Taco Bar.

Now, I have to admit, this is not an original idea. You can see this all over Pinterest and there are many restaurants that offer Walking Tacos as well. Heck, we even munched on these while we were camping this fall.

Walking Tacos are not to be confused with Street Tacos. Street tacos are small tortilla shells jam-packed with flavor. They are perfect for eating on the go because they fit in just one hand. Take that idea and add a little country (or redneck?) to it and you've got yourself a Walking Taco. Walking Tacos are essentially an individual bag of Doritos that have been crushed up and covered with taco toppings and served in the Doritos bag.

I swear redneck ingenuity is a beautiful thing! For the party, I bought a huge box of 50 individual size bags of Doritos from Sam's Club. I prefer the Cool Ranch flavor but you could totally use the traditional cheese flavor. I placed the Doritos in a decorative basket and laid out taco meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos, and onions for people to pile into their bag.

Walking Tacos are perfect for parties! They are a super fun dish to serve your guests. The Walking Tacos are super easy to make and can easily be toted around so people can enjoy them while socializing. As I mentioned earlier, they are also great for camping and would be perfect for tailgate parties!

Print off these free directions for your party guests!

Pro-Tip: Keep your taco meat nice and warm by storing it in a crock pot!

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