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Guy Fieri's Pig & Anchor

Carnival Cruise LInes has teamed up with Guy Fieri to develop an unbelievable BBQ Joint that you won't want to miss!

Hey, y'all! Did you know that Carnival Cruise Lines has hooked up with the Food Network's Guy Fieri and features two of his "restaurants" on some of their ships? There's Guy's Burger Joint and the newer Pig & Anchor. Pig & Anchor is a barbeque lovers dream. We're talking beef, pork, and chicken all done to fall off the bone perfection. And the sides? Oh man, the Mac n Cheese is off the hook!

It's crazy to think that these authentic barbeque flavors were achieved at sea! I can't imagine how much logistics went into figuring out how to develop these flavors on a ship... out to sea!

**Pro Tip- Try this place out on Day 1 before everyone else discovers it. The lines are always ridiculously long!**

Here are some things you can try at Pig & Anchor:

Beef Brisket- Y'all! This stuff literally falls right off the bone and the flavor is intense.

Blue Ribbon Chicken- I give this stuff 4/5 stars. The Blue Ribbon Chicken is delicious! Like the beef brisket, it falls right off the bone and jam-packed with incredible flavors!

Sausage Andouille- If heat is your thing, be sure to try out the sausage andouille. It is delish!

Mac n Cheese- This stuff is Mac n Cheese on steroids. The flavor is out of this world! This dish features an incredibly delicious combination of cheeses forming the perfect side dish!

Is your mouth watering?

Make sure you plan accordingly, Pig & Anchor is only available on Sea Days.

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