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Relaxing in Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya is an absolutely stunning corner of Mexico. The turquoise blue waters crash into the vibrant green jungle and the white sand beach to form some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever encounter.

Hey, y’all! I have to tell you, I am loving reliving my recent trip through these blog posts! Last month, my family went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. We visited Mexico, Honduras, and Belize. So far I’ve shared with you our Beach Buggy & Snorkel Adventure in Cozumel, my day swimming with sharks and rays in Belize, and our day in paradise on Little French Key. The last stop on our cruise was a little port called Costa Maya.

Costa Maya is one of the Carnival ports where you can get away without booking an excursion. Other ports like this include Mahogany Bay, Nassau, Grand Turk, Amber Cove and Half Moon Cay. Carnival has developed these ports as “destinations” and created a safe environment for cruisers to relax by the pool, spend some money in the shops or dine at restaurants. Costa Maya even gives you the option to swim with dolphins- if that is your thing. The port also features an aviary, a fish spa, and a place for your to experience Mayan healing rituals. Oh, and of course there’s a tequila bar.

At the rear of the complex, you can catch a cab into “town” where you will find more restaurants, shops, bars, and beaches. There really isn’t anything within walking distance.

When you’re on the ship, looking at the coast, you’ll see a building built to resemble a Mayan temple. This is the Lost Mayan Temple Adventure Park where you can spend the day zip lining, zooming down water slides, or relaxing in the pool.

My day in Costa Maya wasn’t nearly as exciting as swimming with sharks, but it was still very enjoyable. I took my time getting off the ship and checked out the nearby stores. Each time I’m in Mexico, I pick up a bottle of vanilla for baking season. Mexico is also a great place for linens, pottery, ceramics, and silver.

Sometimes, it’s great to have absolutely nothing to do. That’s what I love so much about visiting Little French Key- there’s no time line and no agenda. Costa Maya is the same way, really. You can just mosey around, popping in and out of stores, visit bars, maybe grab a bite to eat. It’s just so relaxing!

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