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My Top 5 Favorite Carnival Ports

The Caribbean is full of remarkable places full of history and adventure. Here are 5 of my Favorite Carnival Ports!

Hey, y'all! How is your week shaping up? It's hard to believe it is only Tuesday! I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed this morning. I was so worn out that I woke up cuddling with a dog toy. It's days like this where I wish I was sailing around the Caribbean on a big ole ship.

I've been fortunate enough to travel to many of the Caribbean islands. Between all of my cruises, I've traveled to roughly 15 ports. Some of them have been absolutely incredible whereas others pale in comparison. The corners of the Caribbean are very different. In the Eastern Caribbean, you have stunning volcanic islands covered in white sandy beaches and lush green rainforests and canopies. In the Western Caribbean, you'll find adventures around every corner! The Southern Caribbean is very chill and laid back with heavy European influence.

It's hard to narrow my favorite port down to just one... so I'm going to attempt to narrow it down to five, which believe me is also quite the challenge. Even as I jotted down this list, my mind changed at least three times.

Belize- Belize is without a doubt my favorite country in the world (so far!). I've been to over 20 countries and nothing compares to this incredible, or dare I say un-Belize-able place! Belize is most certainly a diamond in the rough. Over the last 10 years, I have visited 6 times and the country has grown so much, thanks to tourism. I have had some pretty incredible adventures in Belize- ziplining, cave tubing, and swimming with sharks. I've traveled as far west as San Ignacio by the Guatemalan border where you can explore the ancient Mayan ruins of Xuanantunich and Cahal Pech and as far north as the absolutely stunning Caye Caulker. Each and every time I visit I am amazed by how fabulous this place is! (See Top 5 Things to Do in Belize)

Bonaire- Bonaire is small town friendly and that's not just because it's only just over 100 square miles. The island is mostly inhabited by super friendly Dutch and vibrant pink flamingos and it is surrounded by an absolutely stunning reef. I have snorkeled many reefs in my day but none of them compare to how beautiful the reef surrounding the island. The reefs are protected as a marine eco-park so they remain untouched and unspoiled. If you ever get a chance to visit Bonaire, jump on it! You'll seriously be missing out if you don't!

Mahogany Bay/Roatan- There's Roatan and then there's Mahogany Bay. Let me preface this by saying that these are two very, very different places. Mahogany Bay is the area of Roatan that Carnival has developed into a gorgeous, picturesque beach conveniently located within walking distance from the ship. And then... there's Roatan. I'd pick Roatan over Mahogany Bay any day! Like Belize, Roatan , Honduras is a little rough around the edges. But remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The island is surrounded by turquoise water and filled with picture-perfect beaches covered with giant palm trees. The West End of the island is perfect for snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. The island is also home to Little French Key, one of my favorite places to vacation.

St. Thomas- One of the best things about St. Thomas is the fact that we American can visit without having a passport. That is because St. Thomas is located in the US Virgin Islands. St. Thomas is a truly beautiful place. The lush green hillsides are dotted with extravagant homes for the rich and famous. The beaches are like nothing you could even imagine. Another reason I love St. Thomas so much is its proximity to nearby St. John. St. John is protected under the US National Park system so it has remained in pristine condition.

Tortola- England is one of my favorite countries, so it's no surprise that I fell in love with Tortola. I know what you're thinking; how can these two destinations be anything alike? You see, Tortola is part of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). It's a lot like St. Thomas (see above) only heavily influenced by its European settlers; the British. We're talking All Hail the Queen, red phone booths, and British accents. One of my favorite thing about Tortola is how well preserved their historic sites are. It is truly like you're stepping back in time.

There you have it; My Top 5 Favorite Carnival Ports. If you're looking for some insight on picking the perfect excursion, be sure to check out this article. Be sure to give me a like and Facebook or follow me on Twitter for more cruise information. See you next time!

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