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7 Things for Cruisers to Do Within Walking Distance in Nassau

Nassau is full of so many wonderful things to do that you don't even have to book an excursion while you're in port. Here's list of 7 things you can do within walking distance of the port...that don't involve the beach.

Hey, y'all! There are some cruise ports where you can absolutely 100% get away without booking an excursion. Nassau is one of those ports. There are a ton of things that you can check out within walking distance of the port. There is also a taxi stand nearby where you can catch a cab to Atlantis, Cable Beach, and beyond.

The Straw Market- The Straw Market is one of Nassau's most famous landmarks. It is home to homemade Bahamian crafts, souvenirs and gifts. Cruisers frequently pick up woven bags, dolls, conch shell jewelry, wood carvings and t-shirts. Feel free to barter with the vendors. Vendors will gladly accept US dollars of Bahamian cash.

Parliament Square- The colors of the government buildings surrounding this square are gorgeous! Visitors love taking photos of this picturesque square, but aside from the cannons and statue of Queen Elizabeth, there isn't much else to do. It's lovely to see if you're in the area. The square is located on Bay Street, a short walking distance from the port.

Queen's Staircase- This is a great place to learn about some of the history of Nassau. Be forewarned that the people offering information expect a tip ;) That being said, they are very informative so if you're a history buff, it's worth it. The stairs were hand carved by slaves, which is extremely saddening and equally as impressive. Don't cheat yourself by only viewing it from the bottom, walk up the stairs as well to really appreciate the views.

Fort Fincastle- This fort was built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore and can be found at the top of the Queen's Staircase. The fort overlooks the city and Queen's Staircase. There is a small charge ($3.50 per person) if you want to get into the for itself however, it is free to walk the grounds. The grounds offer excellent view of the cruise ships and Paradise Island (home to Atlantis). The fort itself is very small and will only take about 15 minutes to tour if you choose to go inside.

Bahamas Rum Cake Factory- This bright pink building is home to some of the best rum cakes in the world. These super moist bites of heaven are loaded with top-secret ingredients and baked to perfection before being soaked in Ole Nassau Bahamian Rum. The shop offers 7 unique and super delicious flavors. These cakes make excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Woodes Rogers Walk & Bay Street- These two streets run parallel to each other in the downtown area. They are full of wonderful shops where you're sure to get a bargain! Be sure to shop around before you commit.

Pirates of Nassau Museum- This museum is great for kids and adults alike. It's a great way to beat the heat and learn about Nassau's past.

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