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Foster Friday: Initial Home Visit

Join us in our journey of becoming foster parents. This post highlights step two of the process- the initial home visit. You won't believe what a breeze this step is!

Hey, y’all! Welcome to Foster Friday where I outline our journey to becoming foster parents. Step 1 of the process is an interview and background check. Once the background check comes back clear, it’s on to Step 2: The Initial Home Visit.

Whereas both of you should be present for the interview, only one person needs to be present from the initial home visit. We were told this many times during Step 1 but we both want to be present for all of the steps, when at all possible. Since Ashley works at home, only one of us had to take time off.

We were scheduled for a 2:00 home visit and I swear the lady was out the door by like 2:04. It honestly was not worth me taking a half day off from work.

The inspector wanted to see our kitchen and any bedrooms or bathrooms that the foster child or foster children would be using. Honestly, she simply peeked her head in each of the bedrooms and glanced at the bathroom.

The only things she said to us or asked while she was there were:

“Do you have a fire extinguisher?”

“If you get ______ for your next inspection, she may tell you that you need to move that bed away from the window. I’m fine with it, but she might tell you to move it.”

That’s it.

She said two things to us.


Granted this was the initial visit, it was painless. We were told we didn’t even have to have beds set up and available during the initial visit, they were simply checking to make sure that we were in fact living where we said we were. I’m sure that the next visit will be much more thorough.

I hope this gives you a little insight about Step 2 of becoming a foster parent. Next week’s Foster Friday post will give you the 411 on Step 3- Classes.

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