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No Sew Vintage T-Shirt Bag

This no-sew vintage t-shirt bag is the perfect project for summer!

Hey, y'all! Earlier this year I worked with Kikkoman on a social media campaign highlighting creative recipe ideas using their products. They sent me a huge box of Kikkoman swag including a dozen t-shirts. Around the same time, my students were assigned a recycling project where they were asked to repurpose everyday household items. I had several students turn in "Vintage" T-Shirt Bags.

I thought that these bags were so cute I decided to make a Kikkoman one for myself. It's great for tossing groceries in at the farmer's market and for storing my pups toys and park accessories. It would also be perfect for toting stuffed animals around! This eco-friendly project is a great way to upcycle any old t-shirts that you may have laying around. And bonus... it's a great project for elementary-aged kids to do this summer!


1. T-Shirt 2. Scissors 3. Chalk


1. Lay your t-shirt on a clean surface ensuring that the shirt is completely spread flat.

2. Determine how deep you want the bag to be. Add about 3 inches from your desired depth and mark the spot with chalk.

3. Cut a horizontal line at the marked spot.

4. Cut around the neckline and sleeves making it look like a tank top.

5. During this step, you'll want to make sure the front and back of the shirt remains lined up with one another. Cut the bottom of the shirt into strips of about 1" wide by 2" tall. Cut both the front and the back of the shirt so that your fringes are even.

6. Cut the last fringe on both the left and the right at the seam or hem to create 2 pieces of fringe.

7. Flip the shirt inside out. Tie all of the fringe together. If you noticed small holes between the knots, tie two pieces of fringe together to close them. Continue tying knots until every strip is double knotted.

8. Flip the bag right side out.

Yes! It is that easy! I promise! Like I said, I had several students turn this project in for our recycling project so if they can do it, so can you!

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