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Nutella + Banana Mini-Pancake Skewers

You won't believe how simple these delicious Nutella and Banana Mini-Pancake Skewers are to make! These little guys are great for an easy breakfast idea and wonderful when feeding a crowd!

Hey, y'all! I think I can officially add Party Planner and Event Coordinator to my resume. This year my grade level has thrown three bridal showers and one baby shower this year. We host our showers before school so that more people have the opportunity to join in on the fun. Of course, mostly they are just there for the free breakfast. For the showers this year I have made Mini Quiche 4 Ways, Cheesy Ham, Broccoli and Egg Bubble Bake and Super Easy Mini-Pancakes and Strawberry Skewers. Out of all of those recipes, the pancake skewers were the easiest!

As we were coming up with the menu for the bridal shower, my coworkers signed up for things like bagels, donuts, fruit, yogurt parfaits, etc. I originally planned on making a casserole but they wanted to keep things simple and asked me to bring my mini-pancake skewers again.

Now let's be real here. I honestly didn't want to stand in front of a griddle and make a gazillion mini-pancakes so I came up with a shortcut! Instead of using homemade pancakes, I substituted frozen mini-pancakes! Brilliant, right?

I switched up my recipe a little bit and instead of using strawberries, I used slices of banana and creamy, delicious Nutella. YUM!

The night before the shower, I baked off 80 mini-pancakes in the oven and put them in an airtight container. The next morning, when I got to work, I sliced up a few bananas and created little pancake kabobs. I added a little Nutella to class up the skewers a little bit and add some additional flavor.

Of course, the entire time I was assembling these, I was listening to Jack John's "Banana Pancakes" on repeat. That song is so stinking catchy!

Creating these skewers was super cheap, especially considering I was feeding a crowd. They definitely went over well with my co-workers! I doubled the recipe- if you are making this for your family a single recipe is all you should need.


1 box frozen mini-pancakes

1 or 2 bananas, sliced

1 small container Nutella


1. Prepare the mini-pancakes according to the package instructions.

2. Layer the pancakes, Nutella and bananas on a bamboo skewer. My layers went as follows (from the bottom up): pancake, banana, pancake, Nutella, banana, pancake. You can play around with different combinations, depending on how much Nutella you want to use.

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