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A Beginners Guide to Nassau

Hey, y'all! The weather is heating up and I have one thing on my mind... the Caribbean! Today I thought we'd chat about one of the most popular countries in the Caribbean, The Bahamas. The Bahamas are a truly beautiful chain of islands full of gorgeous beaches, exciting history and of course, rum. When many people think about the Bahamas, they think of the capital, Nassau, which is located on the island of New Providence. However, the chain consists of an impressive 700 islands and cays.

I like to tell people that The Bahamas are a great place for people to begin foreign travel. Visiting a foreign country can be extremely intimidating. Not only are you far away from home but many people worry about language barriers, cultural differences, and safety. Trust me, being lost in a foreign country where you can’t read any of the signs or speak with any of the locals is absolutely terrifying. With The Bahamas, you really don’t have to worry about any of that.

Parts of The Bahamas are located about 100 miles away from Florida. As a Floridan, I can tell you that The Bahamas are a lot like Florida! The Bahamas were colonized by the British in 1718 so the locals are fluent in English. Shops, vendors, and restaurants will all accept American currency as well. Speaking of restaurants, the food options here are just like you’d find here in The States! I honestly don’t even feel like I’ve left the country when I visit The Bahamas.

Nassau is the port most frequented by cruisers. Some of the highlights of Nassau include The Pirate Museum, Parliament Square, Fort Fincastle, and of course, the beach. The beaches here are pristine! We’re talking sugary white sand, turquoise water and gorgeous palm trees.

When you visit any new location, it is important to stay aware of your surroundings. I suggest staying within a few blocks of the port or catching a cab over to Paradise Island, home of Atlantis. The cabs are regulated and the prices are posted right near the cruise terminal to help ensure you won't get ripped off. Although the crime rates are not high in Nassau, like with any touristy place criminals will target visitors. As long as you are smart about things, it is completely safe.

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