• Elle

Foster Parent Placement Check List

Receiving a Placement call can be nerve wrecking. You'r brain will be going a mile a minute and anxiety is sure to set in- make sure you're ready by having these questions on hand!

Hey, y'all! Happy Foster Friday! I think it is safe to say a lot has changed since our last Foster Friday post and podcast. On Tuesday morning we got a call from DCF letting us know that we are official licensed to be foster parents. At any minute, we could get a call from Placement about children in need. That evening at around 9 we got a call asking if we could take 2 little ones, a boy (3) and a girl (2 mo.). We will be referring to them as Little Boy and Baby Girl for privacy and anonymity purposes.

Below is a checklist I created based on the questions we asked Placement. If you are a foster parent, or interested in foster care, feel free to click the image below and download to have on hand.

Becoming a family of four has been adjustment but we are extremely lucky. Little Boy and Baby Girl are extremely well behaved, extremely sweet and adjusting well to our home. Little Boy absolutely loves our dogs (which is such a relief!) and shows so much gratitude for everything we've done so far. It is so incredibly heart warming.

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