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Apple Pie in a Jar

Are you craving apple pie but don't have the time or energy to bake one from scratch? You won't believe how incredibly simple this Apple Pie in a Jar recipe is!

Hey, y'all! Let's talk desserts. I have to be honest, I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I'd rather sit down to a plate of pasta than one piled high with sweets. It's strange... I know. When I do eat desserts, I like them fruity and not sicky sweet. I love desserts like Lemon Cheesecake Crescent Rolls, 3 Ingredient Yogurt Pie, Summer Tiramisu and Super Simple Baked Alaska. Do you notice the common ingredient in all of these incredible desserts?

Now that it's fall, I've swapped out berries for delicious pumpkin and crisp apples. A couple of weeks ago I was craving pumpkin pie...but didn't exactly want to take the time to bake one so I hit the kitchen and got creative. The end result was a no-bake apple pie dessert that tastes just like the real thing. Ladies and gents... Apple Pie in a Jar!


This dessert is so incredibly simple and requires absolutely zero baking (holla!) And by now, you probably know I love using shortcuts in the kitchen and this recipe is full of them! Rather than using a pie crust, this recipe begins with crushed graham crackers sprinkled into the bottom of a Mason jar. You can either put the graham crackers into a bag and beat the crap out of them or throw them into your food processor. I suppose it depends on how much aggression you have when you make this.

Instead of chopping up apples and getting them all seasoned and delicious, I used a can of apple pie filling. You could also use prepackaged diced apples (found with the canned fruit aisle alongside mandarin oranges, and diced pears that you buy your kids for school lunches). Pile a bit of this on top of your "crust" and top it with a squirt of whipped cream and you have yourself a totally adorable little dessert that tastes just like apple pie- without all of the hard work!

This perfect little dessert would be fantastic for the classroom when learning about fall!


1 sleeve of graham crackers- crushed or put through a food processor 1 can of apple pie filling 1 can of whipped cream 4-6 small mason jars (this number will vary depending on how many apples you put into each mug).

*You can also use small cups *


1. Place one sleeve of graham crackers into a food processor and process until fine.

2. Divide the graham cracker "crust" equally amongst the mason jars.

3. Spoon apple pie filling on top of the "crust" in each of the jars.

4. Top with whipped cream.

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