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The Best of Maps & Monograms Part II

Hey, y'all! I know I've been horrible about posting lately. Let me tell you, things have been loony tunes in my neck of the woods; but I'll tell you more about that on Friday. Just know that I apologize for my absence and I have missed you all terribly :)

Want to know a little secret? It's my birthday! Well, not my birthday but Maps & Monograms birthday! What a year it has been! From my first post, Million Dollar Pomegranate Cheeseball to my most recent post, The Best Chili Recipe Ever, it's been a heck of a ride! In honor of Maps & Monograms turning 2, I'll be sharing a brand new post each day for the rest of the month.

In the meantime, in honor of M&M's second birthday, I thought I would share with you My Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2018! Click on the title or the photo to view the post.

Easy & Cheesy Italian Bombs- Delicious salami is surrounded by ooey-gooey cheese and premade biscuit dough to form the ultimate football food. These babies take only minutes to prepare to make them perfect for parties and events!

Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Spaghetti Squash- If you haven't tried spaghetti squash yet, it's a pretty awesome vegetable. By roasting the squash in the oven, it creates little strands that look like spaghetti noodles. One of my favorite ways to enjoy this fabulous little veggie is by topping it with chicken parmesan and loading it up with sauce and cheese. This dish is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

Princess Approved Mermaid Bark- This super fun, festive, colorful Mermaid Bark recipe is perfect for birthday parties! Simply melt down various colors of candy melts, swirl them together and top them with sprinkles, and candy.

Chicken Scallopini- Chicken Scallopini is an irresistible dish featuring perfectly breaded chicken served over lemon butter pasta. This dish may look sophisticated, and although it takes a bit of time to prepare, it is super easy to create. We all know that I love an easy recipe!

Thai Peanut Chicken Tacos with a Pineapple and Broccoli Slaw- Tortilla shells make the perfect vessel for this delicious, Asian-inspired Thai Peanut Taco with Pineapple Broccoli Slaw. You won't believe how wonderfully all of these ingredients work together to form a scrumptious taco. These tacos require very little prep making them perfect for lunch or a weeknight meal!

Super Easy Teriyaki Chicken- Are you looking for the perfect weeknight meal? Look no further! This recipe can be made with as little as 3 ingredients and takes just minutes to make. The end result is out of this world! If you haven't already tried this recipe be, go ahead and add it to your menu for next week. It'll soon be a family favorite.

Crock Pot Crack Chicken- Another recipe that's been a fan favorite for quite some time is this Crock Pot Crack Chicken. It is a scrumptious combination of shredded chicken, bacon and a creamy, cheesy ranch sauce. It tastes delicious on a sandwich bun, in a lettuce wrap or on a baked potato.

Quick & Easy Gender Reveal Ideas- Are you or someone you know expecting? Check out these Quick & Easy Gender Reveal ideas! Believe it or not, this was my most popular post of 2017 and the 3rd most popular post of 2018!

Sandy Beaches Champagne Punch- Of course, you're going to need to wash all of this yumminess down, right? I have a feeling you're really going to like this delicious, super simple Sandy Beaches Champagne Punch. It's my post popular drink recipe and the 2nd most popular recipe on the blog!

Good Ole Fashioned Chicken and Rice Casserole- This post has been reigning supreme on the blog over the last couple of months...and may just be the reason you are here! More people have liked and shared this recipe than any other recipe on the blog. Good Ole Fashioned Chicken and Rice Casserole is the ultimate comfort food, it is incredibly simple to make, and requires almost no prep, making it the perfect weeknight meal. If you haven't tried it yet, you're most definitely missing out!

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