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Preparing for our Next Placement

Hey, y'all! Happy Friday!! I hope that you have had a marvelous week. It's been about a month since my last Foster Friday update so I thought I'd fill you in on the latest. As you may know, we recently purchased a home. We waited until our placements were reunified before we moved from one home to another. We spent an entire month slowly moving our things and working on projects around the new home.

The thing with foster care is, not only do you have to be licensed but your home does as well. So although we're veteran foster parents, we still had to have the new house re-licensed. At the beginning of the month, our licensing counselor (LC) came out and inspected the home to make sure it was suitable for our next placement.

You may remember from a previous post, 5 Things We Did In Preparation for our Foster Children, there's a lot of work that goes into getting your home ready. I'd like to say that we had all of that stuff done when our LC stopped by but that would be a lie. You see, we actually didn't want her to come out until the end of the month. She was insistent on getting all of this done ASAP (aka at the same time as the holidays!) so we could get a placement sooner. We informed her that not everything would be completed (I mean...it was the holidays...) but she wanted to come anyhow.

When the LC came for her home inspection we didn't have locks installed on the cabinets where we store our alcohol or cleaning chemicals, our medicine wasn't locked away and we didn't have a lock on our new hot tub (ooooh, ahhhh). As promised, we weren't ready. She took photos of the house (like a gazillion of them), both inside and out and asked that we send her the photos of the installed locks once they were in place.

We weren't nearly as prepared this time. Last time we were so gung ho about everything. Hell, we went above and beyond the expectations. This time we were kind of like "meh" about all of it. Now, it's not because we aren't excited about having another placement, because we are. We just wanted to get through the holidays and get settled into the new place before we had little ones living with us. We told our LC we wouldn't be ready and well... we weren't.

Now, the locks are all in place, the Radon test has been completed and submitted and the house is all set to go. At this point, all there is to do is get the pets to the vet to update their vaccines and then anxiously wait for our next placement.

Don't you just love that quote above the bed? It's from one of our favorite TV shows "The Fosters". As soon as I saw it, I just had to have it!

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