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DIY Paint Sample Utensil Holders

This simple DIY project is a perfect, inexpensive way to spruce up your housewarming party!

Hey, ya'll! Over the last couple of weeks, I have shared some of the recipes that I prepared for our house warming party a couple of weeks ago. The party had a “Mi Casa es su Casa” theme and included a Walking Taco Bar, a DIY Margarita Bar, and an assortment of Mexican inspired foods like my Slammin’ Queso Dip, Mexican Street Corn Salad, Fiesta Ranch Dip with Corn, and Fiesta Stuffed Peppers.

Today I thought I'd step away from sharing with you some of the recipes that I prepared and focus on some of the decor we had for our party. I originally wanted to go with a whole paint sample/ paint strip theme for the decor but my idea kind of morphed a bit to fit more with the menu. Instead of going all out with this idea, I did it a bit more subtly. Ashley and I created these DIY Paint Sample Utensil Holders to accompany our Walking Taco Bar.

Really, this project couldn't have been any easier. Over our countless trips to the hardware store, we collected an assortment of paint strip samples. I don't know about y'all but we pretty much live at Lowes now that we're homeowners. I went there twice yesterday and twice the day before. It's a damn good thing it's only three miles up the road!

We lined the strips up so that the color side was pointing outwards on both sides and placed a couple of staples along the two sides and the bottom of the pouch. We stuffed each of these pouches with a fork and a spoon.


Paint sample strips Stapler with staples Plastic Utensils


1. Line the colored strips so that they are even with one another. Make sure the colored sides are both pointing outwards.

2. Place a couple of staples on the two long sides of the pouch and one on the bottom.

3. Stuff with plastic utensils.

Be sure to save this pin for your own housewarming party! Give me a like on Facebook or follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more glimpses at our housewarming party. See you next time!

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