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Notes of Encouragement for Test Day

Hey, y'all! Standardized testing season is right around the corner. This time of year is stressful for both students and teachers alike (trust me, I'm a third-grade teacher, I totally get it!).

On testing days, it's always helpful to give a bit of encouragement to students so that they know you are rooting for them and that you believe in them. I like to have my parents send in a hand-written note for each day of testing so their kiddos can read it before they crack open their test.

Along with a note from their parents, I give my students a little snack and a note of reassurance. I created these fun little labels to attach to their goodies. I print them off on Avery 5395 labels (or any labels that have 8 to a sheet and measure 2 1/3" x 3 3/8".

These fun little treats can be used all throughout the school year and a great way to let your child know that you're rooting for them!

Project Essentials:

Avery 5395 labels (or similar)

The snacks you'll need to purchase are dependent upon which label or labels you choose. The "Rock the Test" label can be used with any snack or Pop Rocks.


1. Click the label link located in the "Snack Ideas" section below.

2. Download the labels to your computer.

3. Print the labels on Avery 5395 (or similar).

4. Bag the items (if needed) and apply the label to the outside of the bag.

Snack Ideas:

Animal Crackers (I Know You'll Do "Zoo"rrific Label) Blow Pops (Blow The Test Away Label) Bag of Bubble Gum (Blow the Test Away Label) Cheez-Its (Cheesy Label) Cheese Puffs (Cheesy Label) Cheetos (Cheesy Label)

Cheese Crackers (Cheesy Label)

Cheese Stick (Cheesy Label) Pretzels (Don't Let the Test Get You All Twisted Up Label) Twizzlers (Don't Let the Test Get You All Twisted Up Label) Bag of mints (Mint Label) Mini-Donuts or Donuts (Donut Stress the Test Label) Goldfish crackers (Cheesy Label or O"fishally" Done With Testing Label) Cookies (Smart Cookie Label)

Pop Rocks (Rock the Test Label)

Favorite Snack (Rock the Test Label)

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