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Free Baby Sprinkle Printables

Hey, y'all! I have to be quite honest, until about 2 years ago, I had never heard of a baby sprinkle. Now, I hear the term all over the place. Just this week I heard it mentioned on two of the shows that I am currently binging ("Working Moms" and "Schitts Creek".) Baby Sprinkles are a concept that are popping up all over the place.

Tis the season for baby showers and baby sprinkles so let's get down to business and break down the anomaly that is known as a baby sprinkle.

What is a baby sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is a scaled down version of a baby shower typically held for a pregnant woman's second, third, or fourth child. Baby sprinkles are typically less extravagant as it is assumed the mother has already been celebrated with one shower and already has many of the "big ticket items".

Since it is a smaller version of a baby shower, it's referred to as a baby sprinkle, instead. Kind of cute, right?

Where are these sprinkles typically held?

With baby sprinkles being super casual, many people opt to have these showers at their home. Ideas range from brunches to casual backyard barbecues. It is not uncommon to use candy sprinkles as a theme for these parties. Food items typically range from sprinkled donuts to ice cream bars.

Click on the image below to download your free "Sprinkled with Love" Printable! Simply save the file on to your computer and print it off on cardstock. Use tape to adhere the signs to a lollipop stick and use them to spruce up your food displays!

Project Essentials:

White Cardstock


Lollipop Sticks

Who is invited to a baby sprinkle?

Typically, the guest list will include close family and friends. Since baby sprinkles are more low-key, it isn't uncommon to invite the father's friends to join in on the fun.

Gift Giving Etiquette

It is typical for the guests to skip the large and elaborate gifts and bring more simple, and practical gifts, such as diapers, wipes, baby clothes, bath items, and toys.

What is the mom's role?

The mom's job is to sit back and relax in preparation for the new baby. After all, there are many sleepless nights ahead. The mother is still expected to mingle with her guests, and to send short thank you cards or postcards as a token of her gratitude.

Click the image below to download this free Thank You post card, perfect for moms!

Don't forget to grab the free printables!

Sprinkled With Love Signs

Baby Sprinkle Thank You Post Card

Baby sprinkles are the perfect way to celebrate a new bundle of joy without overwhelming your loved ones. I hope these free printables will help you plan the perfect shower for the mommy to be!

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