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You CAN Afford to Visit Exotic Destinations: Here's How

When you think about exotic destinations, it’s easy to believe that they are out of your budget range. But it turns out that many of the most far-flung destinations in the world also offer some of the lowest prices. What’s more, there are steps that you can take to make going to these places even more affordable, so long as you have a little know-how.

If you’re on a modest income, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that you’ll ever cobble together enough money to go on an adventure of a lifetime. But with so many options out there and so many affordable destinations, you’ll be surprised just what you can get for your money.

Let’s start by talking about some exotic yet value-for-money options you could consider. East Asia should be at the top of your list of possible places to go. Why? Because East Asia offers some of the most exotic landscapes and cities in the world while at the same time keeping prices low. Many countries in East Asia are yet to develop to the point where everyday tourist costs, like hotels, goes up. Because of this, you can often get cheap accommodation, food, and transport without having to compromise on service.

Take Thailand, for instance. Despite the country’s fame and popularity with tourists, it remains one of the most affordable destinations in the world. There are all sorts of things to see here, from the incredible tiger experience (where you can get up close and personal with these giant land predators) to visiting “James Bond” island.

Then there’s Indonesia, an island chain which stretches from the tip of Malaysia down to the northern coast of Australia. Indonesia is home to more than 240 million people, making it one of the most populous countries on Earth. The fascinating thing about the nation is how it varies from island to island, with different cultures and cuisines to be found on each. You can visit the rain-forests of Borneo to see some of the most unique wildlife in the world or visit the bustling island of Bali with its incredible nightlife and secluded nature spots.

What about the Philippines? The country is famous for its cheap labor, which means that things like restaurant meals and hotel stay are less expensive than just about anywhere else in the world. The Philippines is a favorite among budget travelers because of its beautiful landscape, pristine coastlines, and exceptionally low prices. Yes, it’s a long way away from most places in the Western world, including the US and Europe, but if you make the trip, your bank account will thank you. When you arrive at the island chain, you can visit the Mayon volcano, the Banaue rice terraces, or the Puerto Princesa, a beautiful underground river.

There is, of course, another region of the world where prices remain stubbornly low: eastern Europe. Many of the countries in this part of the world have fashioned themselves as tourist destinations for the budget-conscious traveler, especially places that once made up the country of Yugoslavia. Montenegro, for instance, is a country set in the Balkan mountains with an economy almost entirely geared towards pleasing the legions of tourists who regularly grace the country’s landscape. Other countries in the region, like Bulgaria and even Greece, make the tourist experience surprisingly affordable.

Okay, so we’ve taken a look at some of the exotic destination that are potentially on the cards when it comes to traveling for less. But what else can you do to keep the price down and make your trip to an exotic location more affordable?

Choose To Stay In A Hostel

Many of the most exotic destinations in the world offer hostel accommodation. The downside of hosteling is the fact that you sometimes have to share a room with people you don’t know. But the upside is that the cost of accommodation goes down tremendously. Whereas a cheap hotel might cost you in the region of $50 per night in East Asia, you can get the price down to around $20 per night or less in a hostel.

Create A Budget

If you don’t have enough savings right now to go on holiday, it’s worth asking whether financing could be an option. Can you get a guarantor loan with bad credit? It turns out that you can, meaning that you can get together the money you need for a trip of a lifetime without having to save up first. The good thing about this is that it gives you options: now may be the only chance you get to indulge your travel wishes because in the future you may have other commitments, like a job or children.

Swap Out Delicacies For Local Staples

When you’re on holiday, it’s tempting to splash out on expensive delicacies at restaurants. But, unfortunately, that’s a great way to deplete your budget. Ordering plate after plate of oysters isn’t cheap. The good thing about all of the destinations that we’ve discussed so far is that the traditional local food is necessarily cheap (because it’s what people can afford). What’s more, it’s also delicious. You’d be amazed and just how good a combination of rice and beans can be when prepared traditionally.

Hire A Moped

There’s a reason the locals of East Asia use mopeds for their daily travel needs: they’re cheap. If you’re headed to the region and want an inexpensive way to get around (and don’t want to have to put up with the inconvenience of public transport), then a moped could be the ideal solution. Prices start from a very low level, and many models will comfortably accommodate two people. If you’ve got your own helmets, you can often save even more money.

As this article explains, there are many opportunities to take breathtaking holidays in far-flung exotic locations. The trick is to find places where wages are still low. Think countries like Belize in central America, Georgia in the Caucuses, or countries like Laos in South East Asia. Avoid wealthy developed countries like Switzerland, as these will be the most expensive.

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