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An Honest Review of SailPak's Deluxe Combo

This post was sponsored by SailPak. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Pinkie Swear.

Over the last couple of years I have shared with you numerous packing tips for cruises including 42 Items Every Cruiser Should Pack, What to Pack for a 7 Day Cruise, and What to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise. No matter what my destination is, my cruise staples remain the same; a backpack for excursions, a Tervis style cup to keep my drinks cold and my coffee hot, magnets for extra storage, and of course, sun screen. If you don’t have these cruise staples, it can get rather costly stocking up before your trip. Most people flock to their local stores or purchase all of the items individually online but what if I told you there was another alternative?

Recently, I learned about a brand-new company called SailPak. SailPak launched in March of 2019 and offers various packages that bundle together all of your cruise essentials. There are a few packs to choose from so you can pick and choose which options work best for you. I opted to check out the Deluxe Combo which is jam-packed with goodies for 2 cruisers. There are also packages available for singles and even families. Each pack is full of quality products that are perfect for life on the high seas.

I was so thrilled when I came home from work to find a huge box with the SailPak logo all over it. If you’re a visual person, check out the video of my unboxing of the SailPak Deluxe Combo. Even if you’re not a visual person, you may want to check it out because I totally hit myself in the face during the video. Story of my life.

The box contained two mesh bags, each full of cruisin’ goodness. Here's a rundown of what was in the Deluxe Combo Pak.

Excursion Pack

The largest bag was a backpack perfect for excursions. It offers a couple of storage compartments and opens up to an impressive size. You could easily fit a couple of beach towels in it or stash it full of items you pick up at the local shops. The backpack also has bungee cords on the outside to secure items (ie: water shoes, a water bottle, a small bag, etc) to the bag.

Metal Water Bottles

I can’t stress how important it is for your to remain hydrated while you’re traveling. Water is one of the keys to keeping your body good and healthy for the duration of your trip. These metal water bottles are super handy to take with you into port. They even come with a clip so you can fasten it to your excursion bag and not worry about toting it around.

Metal Tervis Cups

Tervis Cups have been one of my cruising essentials for years! I use these cups from sunrise to sunset (and beyond) on the ship. The drink classes on the Lido deck are really small- these great cups prevent you from having to take a gazillion trips to fill up your cup. I use them in the mornings to keep my coffee nice and hot. When I'm poolside, I keep it loaded with ice and water or juice so I have something to sip on while I enjoy the pool deck. As the sun starts to set, I fill it with a boozy drink.

For sanitary reasons, make sure you use a smaller cup to fill up your Tervis when using the drink fountains.

18 Can Insulated Cooler Bag

Cooler bags are another fantastic thing to bring on board with you. Load them up with some ice and beverages and take them off of the ship with you when you pull into port. The cooler bag in this pack has backpack straps which mean it easy to carry around with you.

Collapsible Hamper

If you aren't careful, your cabin can get really messy in a hurry. A collapsible hamper is a great way to contain all of your dirty clothes while you're cruising. Simply set the hamper up under your vanity, or out of the way in a corner, and toss in all of your used clothing at the end of the day.

Towel Clips

Towel clips are handy for reserving your sun lounger on the pool deck. They’ll also keep your towel secure since it tends to get a bit gusty on the deck. Please be mindful of others when you are using towel clips to reserve for your deck chair. Ships have rules in place to help prevent people from keeping their seat reserved for extended periods of time.

Metal Straws

Did you know that most cruise lines banned the use of single use plastic in October of 2018? This means that most of the drinks that you order will not come with straws. This pack of 4 metal straws will help make sucking up your Miami Vice much easier! There's even a handy cleaning tool to help keep things sanitary!

Night Light

Cruise cabins can be super dark, especially if you have an interior cabin. Nightlights are a great thing to pack with you, especially if you're traveling with little ones. Trust me, there's nothing worse than aimlessly wandering around your cabin in the middle of the night when it's dark and you're trying to pee.

Luggage Tags

Traditionally, cruisers print off their luggage tags, fold them, loop them through the suitcase handle and staple or tape them (as directed on the bottom of the tag). These great luggage tags are a much more sturdy way of making sure your luggage can be identified by the porters. Simply fold the tag as directed and seal it into the clear pouch. Fasten it to your suitcase handle and rest easy that your suitcase will arrive at your cabin safely.

Lanyards with Card Holders

Upon boarding you'll pick up your Sail & Sign Card, or card that you'll use as your room key and for any purchases onboard the ship. On Carnival ships, they are located right outside of your cabin. These landyards certainly help with keeping up with the card since you'll need it everywhere you go (including getting on and off of the ship).

Waterproof Phone Cases

These became one of my cruise necessities as soon as they were released and I have brought them along with me ever since. Using these handy waterproof phone cases couldn't be any easier. Simply unlock the top of the pouch, slip your cell phone inside, and seal the pouch with the notches. They are great for keeping water and sand out of/off of your cellphone. I've even taken mine underwater with me to get pictures while snorkeling. They work great and protect your phone from otherwise damaging elements.

Magnetic Hooks

I know what you're thinking, why would I need to pack magnetic hooks? Storage in your cabin is limited. Most ships have magnetic walls and even magnetic ceilings. These hooks are great for storing things out of the way. I use the hooks to hold things like hats, lanyards, bathing suits, hair bruisers, hair ties, etc.

Overall Opinion

I love the idea behind these cruise packs. I can tell that a lot of thought was put into what goes inside of the packs. The packs are filled with practical, useful items that are essential for modern day cruising. Purchasing the items in a bundle rather than individually is a smart, efficient and cost-effective way to purchase these essentials. These kits are perfect for new cruisers or veteran cruisers needing to replenish/update their cruise stash.

The products are all well made, durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of traveling. The backpack is perfect for storing all of your excursion necessities. It's absolutely huge and can easily store a couple of large beach towels. The backpack itself could use a little extra padding on the straps but as long as you don't weigh it down too much, it will still be comfortable to wear around port.

The flashlight that came with my pack didn't work, even after plugging it into several different outlets. Despite that, everything else was in tip-top shape. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in cruising. Many of these items could also be used for camping!

Head on over to SailPak to check out all of their travel kits. Make sure you save this pin for later! Give me a like on Facebook or follow me on Twitter for more travel tips, tricks, and advice. See you next time!

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