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Exploring London: The Sights and Sounds

It does not take a lot of the twisting of one’s arm to want to vacation in London. It is a very popular tourist vacation spot, filled with great landscape, mouthwatering restaurants, and spooky buildings. London is sure to be on most everyone’s bucket list. But, most people end up visiting the West End of London instead of visiting the East End, which will leave you with the feeling of never wanting to leave there.

So, before you decide to book your trip to the most common areas of London, let’s check out some of what the East End has to offer for your vacation destination.

The East End is located east of the Roman and medieval city of London and north of the Thames, and offers a glimpse of London that most people never see. The destination you are looking for is Canary Wharf.

If you are looking for a hotel in Canary Wharf, you should check out the Lincoln Plaza. This eloquent hotel offers great views from the rooms as well as a top notch restaurant with a place to shop and a bar. It is located right in the center of Canary Wharf so you will have easy access to the many attractions available.

The Clipper

One of the main attractions when traveling to London is the Tower of London. You can take the Clipper, better known as the water taxi, to get you to this iconic destination. You will be able to avoid the traffic and it’s a very inexpensive and quick way to see the tower. In addition to that, you will get to ride along the famous River Thames.

The Clipper also offers you the opportunity to see the Tower Bridge from a whole new vantage point: underneath. This is a site that most people don’t get to see, so this is just another reason to ride the Clipper.


The dining options are beyond compare. You can taste some of France’s best cuisines as well as Japanese and Mexican, in addition to a whole lot more. Be sure to check out Canary Wharf restaurants for a guide to all the eating specialties. Many of these restaurants offer views you just don’t want to miss, despite the higher end prices for the food. The views are worth the extra money for the meal, which is going to taste delicious anyway!

You Won’t Ever Be Bored

When traveling to Canary Wharf, it is loaded with over 300 shops, bars, and restaurants. There is always something going on that you will never be bored. You can see art and cultural events as well as film, dance, music, and theater performances happening all year long. Many attractions, including the Museum of London Docklands, are also located all around the Wharf for you to check out.

Parks and gardens encompass a lot of the space at Canary Wharf. You can check out the fountains, modern art, and sculptures that bring the landscape into focus for a view you’ll never forget. Along your travels, you don’t want to miss the Jubilee Gardens. Take a stroll with your family along the tree-lined walkways while checking out the flower gardens and pools.

Having a Few Drinks

With plenty of options for unique beers and wide selection of wine, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your tastebuds. You will want to head over to Fisherman’s Walk which is located just North of the main Canary Wharf tower. You will be able to have some drinks on the docks. If you are a wine connoisseur, you will want to check out Fine Line, which is a beautiful riverside wine bar. If you are interested in checking out the sports scene, you will want to swing by The Cat and the Canary, which is a happening sports pub. Whatever bar scene most suits you, you will surely find it while you are walking along the dock.

Canada Square Park

Another place that you can grab a drink and sit back and relax. You could run into a musical event, car exhibition or a local sporting match on the big screen. It is surrounded by fascinating towers that will have you looking up in wonderment and awe at its beauty.

The Roof Garden

You will not want to pass up the opportunity to check out the Crossrail Place Roof Garden. This is a free garden where you can check out plants that are arranged according to which hemisphere they are from. It also includes a performance space so you might be there at the right time to catch a show. The views are breathtaking and the fact that it is free is just an added bonus.

Meantime Brewery

For the beer lover in the family, check out the Meantime Brewery to see how beer is being brewed. You can take a tour of their factory and see step by step how the beer you love so much is made. And, to top it all off, when the tour is done, you will get a chance to taste a selection of the Meantime beers. What can be a better ending than that?

Billingsgate Market

Ever want to get a glimpse of food trading? Billingsgate Market is the place for you. It is the UK’s largest wholesale fish market. You will find 98 stands, 30 shops, and a couple of cafes. You will see the traders battling for the most fresh fish that are arriving that day. It is a cool event to witness, even you are not a fan of fish.

With a lot of waterfront views, many delicious restaurants and bars, and plenty of arts and music, Canary Wharf offers more than people realize that it does. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the touristy attractions that London has to offer, but venturing off to Canary Wharf for a few days would be well worth your time. It will give you a break from the large crowds, but also offer you a unique part of London that most people never experience.