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The Best Places to Vacay in the Beautiful UK

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A serene shot of the splendid Salford Quays in Greater Manchester.

The UK might not seem one of the most promising options on a list of possible vacation locations, but don’t let its notoriety as a cold and rainy country deter you. Okay, it might not provide as many opportunities to sunbathe as some other toasty destinations in the world, but it more than makes up for that with its incredible culture and sightseeing opportunities. If you’re looking for a reason to visit this special nation then here are the best places to vacay in the beautiful UK.

Manchester, England

If you’re going to start your UK-based adventure by exploring England then you’ll probably want to start by visiting London. There’s no denying that the capital city offers some of the most breathtaking sights and iconic landmarks in England, but it’s not the only wonderful destination that this proud nation has to offer. Manchester, often dubbed England’s second city, is another brilliant destination that you should certainly aim to visit whilst you’re in the country. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s England’s second-best city, however; Manchester is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Europe (not just the UK). Skyscrapers have emerged rapidly over the last few years; the city evolves every time you blink.

If you’re looking for something to do then you should start by admiring some of the breathtaking architecture in the city. Albert Hall is a particularly beautiful building. The Museum of Science and Industry will also give you a fascinating insight into Manchester’s history. It was the home of the Industrial Revolution, and that means this city has influenced the planet more than many people appreciate. As pictured above, many areas surrounding Manchester are stunning too. The city of Salford is a 5-minute drive from the city of Manchester; it sits on the outskirts. You’ll be treated to the wonderful Quays, the Lowry Theatre (if you fancy some spectacular national performances), and Media City (home to productions of some of the country’s most popular TV shows).

Cardiff, Wales

The capital of Wales is another fantastic city that you simply have to visit if you’re going to thoroughly explore the UK. Cardiff is a city with a lot of history, but it also has a lot of cultural significance in the modern world. It keeps growing and changing into something new. Make sure you take some time to admire the awe-inspiring architecture you’ll find throughout the city. The Pierhead Building, in particular, is a marvel. It used to be the headquarters for the Bute Dock Company; now, it’s just an incredible feat of human achievement. If you’re looking for a feat of modern architecture, of course, then you should visit the Wales Millennium Centre. It’s not just a wonderful building; it’s home to many great musicals, ballets, comedy performances, and so on. There’s so much to see in this city that you might want to look at serviced apartments in Cardiff. That’ll give you somewhere comfortable to stay whilst you explore the city.

Dublin, Ireland

There are many fantastic locations on the small island of Ireland, but the capital is certainly one of the best places to explore when you visit this spectacular country. So, where do you begin when exploring Dublin? Well, you obviously begin by visiting a pub. You wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate Irish culture if you didn’t. You should start by visiting the famous Temple Bar. It’s one of Dublin’s most iconic pubs. This is partly due to its vivid red exterior, but it’s also because the pub is at the heart of Dublin’s nightlife scene.