• Elle

4 Reasons Why Cruising Is The Best Holiday

What could be a better holiday than blue skies, the sun shining, warm sea, sitting on the deck reclining in your comfy chair and enjoying your favorite drink while staring out to sea? All of your stress will melt away as you decide how to spend your day, do you go relaxing in the deluxe spa? Swimming or going on an adventurous excursion? What will you choose tonight from the hot buffet that awaits you? Or will you decide to enjoy room service on your balcony? Having your annual holiday aboard a luxurious cruise ship is the perfect getaway and you can check out the Bolsover Cruise Club for deals. Not only does cruising offer something for everyone, but you also have the choice of doing as little or as much as you want on the trip. If you need any more convincing, here are 4 reasons why cruising is the best holiday you can take.

Fun For Everyone

Going on a cruise holiday means that everyone is happy as there is something for the entire family to do at all times. For kids, there are plenty of cruise ship play zones with fun activities such as mini-golf and water slides. For teenagers, there are cool hangout areas, and you, as parents will know that your kids are safe and being looked after. Couples can enjoy romantic dinners at sunset, and older and more mature adults enjoy the safety and comfort of cruise ships. You could go on a big family holiday with all the generations, and everyone would be happy and find something to do on a cruise or have the option to do nothing if that's what they wanted.

Different Destinations

Going on a cruise means that not only do you get the luxury of being on a cruise but you don't have to decide your trip itinerary and don't have to spend a fortune on visiting multiple countries. Cruise ships offer multiple itinerary destinations, so you can visit more than one place, for example, book yourself on a Southern Caribbean cruise where you can visit island hopping destinations such as Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Or you could opt for a Mediterranean cruise and stop off in Greece, Spain, Italy or France.

Good Value

People seem to think that Cruise ships are overly expensive. However, if you have a look at the value of the whole package, it's amazing. Included in the price is the accommodation, the food, transportation between destinations while you sleep, and on-ship entertainment for all hours of the day. Compared to how much you would spend when booking flights and accommodation separately, a cruise can actually be considered a budget activity.

Cruising Is Flexible

No matter how long you want to go for, a cruise ship will have the perfect itinerary for you. Dates for cruising are very flexible, and there are always multiple ships representing different companies leaving every day from different ports. You can have a quick weekend break, a 7-day relaxing sail, or even a month-long adventure; there will always be a cruise ship itinerary that is suitable for you.