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Creamy Strawberry Marshmallow Fruit Dip

This incredibly simple 2-ingredient Creamy Strawberry Marshmallow Fruit Dip is sweet, fluffy, and full of scrumptious flavors!

Hey, y’all! My niece, whom I affectionately call Gremlin, recently turned 2 years old. She had a “Two-tti Fruitty” themed birthday party so my sister asked me to make one of my fruit dips. I went back and forth over whether I would bring my Strawberry Cheesecake Dip, Pina Colada Dip, Key Lime Pie Dip, or The Best Damn Fruit Dip. I decided I was going to make a whole new dip just for little Gremlin.

I wanted to keep the dip simple because I didn’t have much time to throw it together. I merely tossed in a container of strawberry cream cheese in with a container of marshmallow fluff, beat it with an electric mixer and tossed it into a serving bowl. Ugh…yeah…that’s it.

I’m telling you, nothing beats a 3 minute time, ya’ll! This dip is super yummy! I honestly couldn’t get enough of it and neither could the party goers! I had quite a few people ask for the recipe. When I told the all that it entailed, they couldn’t believe how simple it was.

I’m pretty sure this pretty pink dip is going to be on heavy rotation on all of the pinkalicious holidays and events in my life. I’m thinking Valentine’s Day, nieces birthdays, baby showers, Wednesday (“on Wednesday’s we wear pink….”, heck I’ll even make it for Christmas and Easter!


If you wanted your dip to be a little bit brighter in color or a little more robust in flavor you could substitute regular marshmallow fluff with a strawberry marshmallow fluff. To me, this dip had just the right amount of sweetness and strawberry flavor. I can sometimes find strawberry fluff at my local Publix however, it is also available on Amazon if you want to kick the strawberry flavor up a notch.

What can I serve with this fabulous dip?

Strawberries (obvie)

Pineapple Grapes Apples Vanilla Wafers Pretzels

Kitchen Essentials:

Spatula Mixer

Mixing Bowl


8 oz strawberry cream cheese, softened 7.8 oz jar of marshmallow fluff (regular or strawberry)


1. Use a rubber scraper to dig the marshmallow fluff out of the jar (this is seriously the most difficult part of the whole recipe) and into a medium-size bowl. Add the softened cream cheese and use a hand mixer to blend until well combined.

2. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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