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Ranch and Onion Cheeseball

This easy to make Ranch and Onion Cheeseball is perfect for holidays, parties, or snacking!

Hey, y'all! As you probably know by now, Game Nights are a staple in my inner circle. I'm going to go out on a limb here and be totally honest, up until recently I really only had work friends. Literally, everyone I knew was from work. But it's tough making friends as an adult, y'all. It's not like adults can just go up to someone and be like, "Hey, you wanna play?" I'm pretty sure that's how restraining orders happen. Our first several game nights were just my coworkers and my friend Jason. He decided he was going to host a few game nights and invite some of his friends and eventually our circle started to grow.

Let me tell you, games are a great ice breaker! Add some delicious snacks and cold drinks into the mix and suddenly everyone lets their guards down. Some of our favorite Game Night snacks are Slammin' Queso, Chili Cheese Dip, Fiesta Stuffed Peppers, and this Ranch and Onion Cheeseball. This cheeseball is super easy to make. Simply combine cream cheese, ranch mix, and green onions in a mixer. Roll the cheese mixture into a ball and roll it in cracker crumbs. It's so yummy!

You could also coat the cheeseball in nuts, almonds, or chipped beef but I prefer it with crackers. The only downside of using crackers as the coating is that it absorbs some of the moisture of the cheeseball after it sits for a few days. It'll hold for 2-3 days in the fridge without an issue.

This is a great appetizer or snack for the warmer months because it requires zero cooking. It's nice to simply snack on with a plate full of crackers while you're sitting on the patio with a glass of wine. In fact, we're getting ready to go on a camping trip and I plan on bringing one of these guys along.

Kitchen Essentials:

Standing Mixer


2 packages cream cheese 1 packet dry ranch mix 3-4 green onions, sliced thin 10 buttery crackers, crushed


1. In a stand mixer, combine the cream cheese, ranch mix, and green onions. Mix until well combined.

2. Scoop the cheese mixture onto a large piece of plastic wrap. Form the mixture into a ball shape.

3. Place the crushed crackers on a dinner plate or cutting board. Roll the ball into the cracker crumbs.

4. Cover the ball with plastic wrap and keep refrigerated until you're ready to serve.

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